Call Center Customer Service Job Profile

Call center customer service jobs are integral part of any organization having large scale operations. As a call center customer service professional, you are expected to handle phone calls from the customers of the company and help them troubleshoot their problems related to a product or service of the company. If you are high school graduate, possess good listening and verbal communication skills, then you can easily take up a call customer customer service job. You also should have a knack for handling delicate or complex situations, as customers calling a call center are often distressed about the problems they are facing over product or service of the company.

Different Types of Call Center Jobs

Banking and financial corporations, educational institutions, health care service providers, consumer appliances, and consumer products companies among others usually have call center setups to redress customer queries or complaints over the phone. Depending on your experience, expertise and educational qualifications, you might be working at the representative, team leader or project manager level. If it is a small setup, like that of a helpline for children or elderly, you might be the only person handling all the calls. However, in such cases special qualifications (psychological counseling in this case) might be needed.  

Basic Duties and Tasks

  • As a call center customer service professional, you will be attending the incoming calls from prospective or current customers of the organization that you are representing.
  • If you are working in a bank call center, then you will be checking the data of the customers and answering their queries related to account details, credit limits, change of contact details, failed transactions and so on.
  • Pitch for new products to the prospective customers.
  • Assist customers in selecting a product or extend suggestive solutions for their problems.
  • Listen to the complaints of the customers keenly and provide solutions to them so that most of their problems are immediately taken care of leading to enhanced commitment of the customers towards the organization.
  • If the current problems of the customers require the intervention of personnel of other department, you should quickly inform the customer and transfer the call of the customer to the concerned person or department.
  • Help customers in fixing a technology related problem.
  • Prepare a call log and call report at the end of the day to summarize a day's work.

Work Schedule

As a customer service professional in a call center, your working hours are largely determined by the shift you are working in. For example, if it is a large setup and runs round the clock, then you might be working in any of the eight hour shift. Regular working hours though are 8 hours a day, and 5 days a week from 9 to 5.

According to the survey of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual median salary of a call center customer service professional for 2008 was $28,189. You might also get paid on hourly basis and the average hourly rate falls in the range of $12 to $18 depending on expertise and experience that you possess.