Can a seasonal job become a permanent job

Here's the situation, it is coming up to the holiday season and you are faced with one of two concerns:

  • Supplementing a part time job
  • Finding any job

In either case you are probably looking for a seasonal job. You are also trying to figure a way to make the seasonal work turn to a full time job. Is it possible; and if so how?

Is it Possible?

It is possible to make seasonal work into a full time job, but certain issues must be considered.

  • You will be working with permanent employees
  • You will not be the only seasonal employee possibly looking for a slot
  • In certain occupations, seasonal work becoming a regular job is less likely

How to Get the Job

To get a seasonal position, as with a full time job, there will be an interview and hiring process. You must take the hiring process seriously even with seasonal work.

  • Dress to impress
  • Be prepared
  • The interview is for a real job

How to Use the Job

Once you have a seasonal job, the best way to a full time job is to use the job as a learning experience while you are there. Use these tips on how to use the job to your advantage:

  • Be prompt - show up, on time, every time; work extra if able and volunteer for extra work
  • Belong - act as if you are a full time employee, not a temp
  • Be ready to learn - learn everything you can from, and about, the jobs in the company
  • Network - talk with managers, long term employees, talk yourself up, express an interest in staying
  • Avoid grapevines - avoid the gossip and clicks as this will not get you hired
  • Do any job - wear as many hats as possible; your full time job may not be the same job you were hired for

Different Jobs Outside of Retail

When people think of seasonal work they usually think of retail or resort work. There are many more opportunities where seasonal work can become a full time job.

  • UPS and FedEx - these two companies hire thousands of seasonal workers to help with holidays and busy times
  • .
  • Postal service - another avenue into full time work; but be ready to be a temp for at least nine months
  • Factory work - many manufacturing companies ramp up production for the holiday seasons; this is a good time to try finding work here
  • Hotels - many times cleaning staff and service personal must be increased over holiday seasons.
  • Hospitality - this industry always has various openings; from cleaning crews to aids and office help handling the holiday excess
  • Call centers - order takers and problem solvers are in great demand during holiday seasons.

Know if You Have the Chance

One important issue to be aware of when trying to make seasonal work into a full time job is that some jobs really are temporary. There will be clues to tell you this.

  • Were any permanent employees once seasonal help
  • How many temp employees were hired
  • Were you told your job will end when hired

If you find a job you really like, do everything you can to move from seasonal help to a full time job.