Can you become a nurse?

The medical field is one that many choose to go into. It is a great line of work for those who desire helping others and that have the ability to retain a lot of knowledge. Being a nurse is a fast-paced environment that most people enjoy. It is not difficult to get a good job working as a nurse, however, it does require a lot of training. There always seems to be a constant shortage of nurses so this field is sure to provide you with a lifelong career with great pay.

Prepare Yourself
When pursuing a nurse job, you must be prepared for stress among other things. Working around emergency situations, you may have to be in many places at once. There is only one of you so it is impossible to be everywhere at once. You may be back and forth on your feet for hours at a time without a break to rest. If you plan on working around emergencies, you must also be prepared mentally for things you may see that could be upsetting or disturbing.

Inevitably, some patients may die, which can be upsetting for anyone. You may be responsible for taking the news to the family, which can be a heartbreaking task. An office nurse may be more suited to those who don't think they will be able to handle the stress of being an emergency room or surgery nurse. A clerical nurse will need to be able to maintain a clean workspace, be able to file, and stay organized to keep the office running smoothly. This is not advised for people who have poor organizational skills.

Choose your Specialty
There are many different types of nursing jobs available so to make it easier on you, choose a specialty before you even go to a school. It is possible to choose to only work with a certain type of patient, and in a certain type of environment. One may want to work with patients with disabilities or children instead of leaving it up to the random variety in an emergency room. Working in an emergency room may not be what you want to do ideally. You actually have the choice about which specific place you would be most comfortable working in. If you prefer to work in a clerical environment, you may choose to work in a clinic or in a nursing home. If the fast-paced situation is what you are looking for, perhaps you would like to work in a hospital emergency room or assisting in surgery. Some of the other nurse jobs you may pursue are: resident nursing, nursing for the armed forces, nursing education, or in the pharmaceutical industry.

Find a School
Getting into a school is much simpler when training as a nurse than with most fields. It isn't as necessary to compare courses offered or the quality of the school because what you need to learn is basically going to be the same anywhere that you go. You will have to spend a lot of time learning medical terminology and basic procedures that are expected in a nurse job. Training as a nurse not only means you will be doing a lot of studying and memorization, you will also need to be physically able to be active.

Nurse employment may mean you occasionally take on multiple shifts or working strange hours. Being able to handle this is vital because lives could depend on your assistance. Most schools will incorporate social skills into the training. It is important for a nurse to be able to console patients and their families that are experiencing a difficult emergency situation. Some specialty schools can have you fully trained and ready to begin working as a nurse within 12 months.

Getting Your Foot In The Door
Being hired for a nurse job is not difficult. It is a position that will always be in high demand because people are always having accidents, having surgery, or needing to see a doctor. Getting your first job should come as no problem with the proper qualifications. The school you attend may provide you with job placement one training is completed. If the position you desire is in an operating room working alongside a doctor, you will probably need to get your start working in an emergency room. This will give you hands on experience dealing with high-stress situations and split-second decision making before actually entering an operating room. Eventually, with experience working as a nurse will land you the exact position you want.