Car Salesman Career Information

The car salesman has the classic sales job. Car sales people are required to sell anything and everything in their yards.

The work environment

The workplace for a car salesman can be anything from a sad collection of clunkers sitting on some sub standard blacktop  to a top of the line showroom that looks like a penthouse. Interestingly, the salesman in the top of the line showroom probably started with a menagerie of clunkers. Experienced car salespeople are real experts, and they can sell anything.

This is a performance based profession. Car sales includes two primary business considerations: depreciation and overheads. Sales values and volumes are the drivers of any car sales business. For the car salesman that means "sell", and a lot of emphasis is put on unit turnover in all but luxury vehicles.

The work environment also includes a range of income situations. Commissions are common, sometimes with basic retainers, but often not. This can be a very tough working situation. This is a very competitive industry, both among sales yards and salespeople. The high level of competition can be unsettling for those not used to the sales environment.

If you're looking at a job as a car salesman, it's well worth checking out the employment conditions. You also need to be extremely realistic about your ability to make the grade in this business.

A good car sales job is defined by:

Good flexibility in commissions and sales prices: The ability to knock something off the price of a car is no coincidence. Good sales practice is to allow some flexibility to give the salespeople something to work with, when making a sale.

Good quality stock: Clunkers are definitely not the ideal stock. Car yards can be held responsible for roadworthiness and related costs. The less impressive stock can be a real liability, and most experienced car dealers avoid low grade vehicles.

Your approach to the car sales job requires:

Absolute realism about your abilities: If you know cars, you're more likely to succeed in the long term. You're also far more valuable to a car dealer than someone who's all sales and no knowledge.

Sales skills: Sales is an actual market science. Skills sell. Prior sales experience, if you did well, is a definite positive. Sales training is advisable if you don't have prior experience. 

Ability to cope with the high demands for performance: Car sales, like any sales job, is all demand. This can be constant, unambiguous demand for performance by the employer. Some people do well in this environment, but many don't. If you're a real sales person, it won't be an issue.

The career environment

For those that make the grade in car sales, the career environment can be truly brilliant. The most common forms of career progression are promotional within a large car sales business, or self employment. Both of these options can be excellent careers, with very high returns and real business opportunities. Some of the biggest car dealers started out as car salesmen. If you think you've got what it takes, you might find your niche in this industry.