Career Path in Psychology

1. You mention psychology and business schools. Can you tell us something about it?

There are several connections between psychology and business schools.First, one concentration, organizational psychology, is a branch of thefield of psychology. Second, much of business is psychology! Third,psychology is a very good major as preparation for business school.Fourth, therapists often run independent businesses as therapists andbusiness training is helpful!

2. What are some of the benefits of being in a private practice? Drawbacks?

The benefits are a sense of satisfaction from helping people and theindependence of working for oneself. The biggest disadvantage these daysis the managed care system, which is quite awful.

3. It just seems like kids today have so many more problems. Does this make being a school psychologist much more challenging?

I think the job has become more challenging, yes. School psychologistsneed a wide range and great depth of preparation.

4. What kind of impact can a community psychologist make?

Community psychologists integrate the community into their work,recognizing people always operate in a community context. They make workwith entire communities, benefiting the people in them.

5. Military psychologists are probably in great demand because of the Iraq War. What kind of help can they provide?

They are experts on topics such as job placement, psychological warfareand how to combat it, and dealing with soldiers who has ptsd and otherWarfare-related psychological illnesses.

6. How does the consumer psychologist normally work? For a company? As a consultant? Tell us what they do.

Consumer psychologists either can work for a company or independently asconsultants. They do surveys, help with marketing, interpret people'slikely reactions to product introductions and advertisements.

7. Industrial psychology is the subject of one of your chapters. Please give us some incite on this.

Industrial/organizational psychologists typically work in companies inSelection, placement, and counseling of employees.

8. What kind of person might be drawn to working in the hospital setting? What should their strengths be?

A hospital setting is a good venue for people who like working for alarger organization and in a team to help patients achieve better physicaland mental health.

9. What changes have occurred in the past 10 years or so that have affected this career choice?

Hospitals are under more pressure now to achieve positive balance sheets, in part because of managed care and also because health-care costs have spiralled out of control.

10. Can you add anything else for the readers of this website?

Good luck in choosing a career!