Career Planning for Freelance Marketing Jobs

Freelance marketing jobs can create career goals. These goals can be developed through the career progression, and through some of the really creative jobs which can produce your best work. You’re working in a field where your creative talent is your greatest asset, so keep an eye out for these opportunities, because they can expand your career horizons like nothing else.

Career Goal Setting For Freelance Marketing

There are a range of definitions of broad classes of career goals in this profession:

  • General marketing: Goals in this field may be purely business-based, or aspirational goals based on your personal targets.
  • Specialist marketing: If you’re a specialist, you may have specific goals  in your area of expertise.
  • Full spectrum marketing: If you provide a full spectrum service from brand inception to promotion and market share creation, your goals will be across a broader frame.

What you want to achieve has to be based on a firm progression through the setup stages of your freelance work. This is mainly a matter of mapping your course to the goals. This is a broad business-based set of goals. The goal is defined as:

  • An agency business with multi-million dollar contracts.
  • Multiple revenue inputs through merchandising, promotions, advertising, public relations, etc.
  • Strong industry presence for major marketing contracts.

This is a goal which defines itself. To get to this stage from the freelance marketing jobs involves a range of preliminary criteria:

  • Proven experience in big budget marketing.
  • Successful conduct of the merchandising, promotions, advertising, public relations, etc. facets of the business.
  • High profile contracts to establish a market presence.

This is a very straightforward correlation between the freelance marketing jobs, the portfolio development of the business, and the contract process.

Aspirational and Personal Goal Setting

For advanced marketers and the highly creative specialists, the goals aren’t that simple to define, but the process is basically the same. These more complex career goals may also contain some logistic considerations and requirements for technical capacity. These added requirements are also opportunities for career development, and may add dimensions to goal setting as a result of increased capabilities. For example:

  • Multimedia capacity for marketing: This capability really expands your capacity as a freelance marketer. Your goals can include a huge range of options.
  • Merchandising: If you can do in-house merchandising, either directly or through a contractor, your revenue options are drastically increased. A typical example of doing your own merchandising are the toy promotional logos like Smurfs and other high impact selling points in consumer goods.
  • Graphics and advertising: This is a part of promotions which is usually outsourced, but can be very strong elements in freelance marketing jobs and provision of services.
  • In-house public relations: Extremely useful in contract terms, and particularly good in terms of expanding your range of services. This is another high revenue capability which is very good for the business bottom line, too, and well worth exploring if you have skills in this area.

As you can see, these are also major portfolio assets for almost any type of freelance marketing job. Aim for a target which means success to you, and you’ll probably achieve much more.