Career Planning for Freelance PR Jobs


Freelance PR jobs offer some of the most interesting work you can imagine. There is also a great deal of freedom in running your own PR business, but this profession also comes with a lot of hard work and risk. We'll take a look at just what goes into being a successful freelance PR worker.

Narrow your focus

You'll first need to decide if you have what it takes to be a good public relations person. If you enjoy networking with people and using your communications skill to persuade others, the PR job could be a natural. A background in sales is usually beneficial but not necessary. Being an excellent writer and being proficient with computer technology are also pretty much a given for a PR professional. Since you are going to freelance, you'll need to sell yourself as much as your clients. You'll also need business savvy to run your own business.

If you possess these qualities, you'll next need to determine your particular public relations specialty. Having a super-broad focus and working in several categories at once is asking for a headache. What area of business do you enjoy working in or would be able to sell the best? Will you work with small technology companies? Aspiring writers or entertainers? Large legal firms? Determine what your passion is and apply your skills to that passion.

You can often break a specialty into several sub-categories for even more focus. For example, a PR representative interested in music might want to zoom in on promoting country music artists or maybe DJs. For a freelancer, the road will be tough at first, so focus on something you feel strongly about and have a lot of knowledge of.

Nuts and bolts

There are a number of legal and financial things that need to be done for any PR business to succeed. You'll need to be licensed and registered with your state to do business. You'll also need to set up a name and pay for that as well. A separate bank account for your business needs to be established and you should also get insurance for the company. These are the kind of unexciting but necessary tasks any business needs to do.

Marketing yourself

As a freelance PR expert, you'll need to work twice as hard to attract reliable clients, especially if you're just starting out. Put as much effort as you can making yourself look good. An attractive and well-designed website is an absolute must in today's world. Such a site should include samples of your best writing and testimony from satisfied customers. You can also create pages for your business on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

It's best to have some savings at hand during your first year. It will take a while to attract a steady stream of customers. In fact, you may want to offer free PR releases to your first clients just to lure them in.  Put all your best effort into these projects; get them done on time and under budget. That will always impress a client.

With hard work and smart preparation, you'll have success in the freelance PR business!