Career Planning for Freelance Writer Jobs

If you have been watching career markets, you may have noticed that freelance writer jobs are becoming more prevalent as our economy changes. More companies are outsourcing their writing work, and potential freelancers have a great opportunity to develop a career. If you are interested in a career as a freelance writer, you need to take the time to plan.

Read and Learn from Freelance Writers

Before you begin a career as a freelance writer, you should learn about what the job entails. Read works by freelance writers. There are many books available about freelance writing, and many of them have information about career planning. These books can be a valuable tool in learning about your future job. There are also many resources online that can be helpful. Look for professional writing organizations and sites that share information about the career.

Decide What Kind of Freelance Writer You Want to Be

There are many types of writing that you could do. Some writers are experts in a specific area or niche, such as relationships or technology. Consider the kinds of clients you wish to write for as well. You could write for webmasters, content companies, magazines or businesses and corporations. If you know where you want to focus your writing, it will be easier to build up a portfolio of work.

Build a Freelance Writing Portfolio

When you are doing career planning for a freelance writing profession, you should think about what you can add to your portfolio. If you wrote for your college newspaper, you can include clips from the newspaper. If you have published articles or editorials, online or in print, you can include those as well. Some people may not yet have any writing for a portfolio, and if this is your situation, you may have to do some writing for free. Generally, this is not suggested, but there are ways that you can write for free without making it a negative. Look for a charitable organization that you support and offer your services. They may have a newsletter or a website that could benefit from a well-researched article. If you do choose to write for free, make sure that you get a byline.

Research Markets and Submit

Once you know what kind of writing you want to do and whom you want to write for, you need to research the markets. Find out which magazines or websites hire freelance writers, which ones publish articles in the area you have chosen to write in and how much they are paying. When you find a market that you are interested in writing for, read publishers' writer’s guidelines carefully before you submit work. Some markets do not accept full articles and want you to send a query first. Other markets will only allow you to submit completed pieces. You should also pay attention to how work is to be submitted. You may be allowed to submit material electronically, but you should find out if attachments are allowed or if your submission should be in the body of the email. Alternatively, you may be asked to send submissions by traditional mail.