Career Profile for Nursing Instructor Jobs

There are many nursing instructor jobs because many men still shy away from this field. With that said, a nursing instructor demonstrates and teaches the principles of nursing to nursing students. They are generally expected to have completed a master’s degree or higher with a valid practitioner’s license. After practicing as a registered nurse (RN) for at least few years, a RN can opt to move into teaching field.

Basic Duties

  • Gives lectures related to physical, psychological and biological principles and their application in the nursing field.
  • Demonstration of proper patient care in clinical units or pretending to in a classroom with props.
  • Arranges the laboratory for a practice session.
  • Conducts the lab sessions and supervises the students.
  • Prepares assignments for the students.
  • Organize seminars and workshops with up to date information and strategy.
  • Designs tests and challenges for examination and evaluates the students’ performance.
  • Maintain student records based on their classroom and clinical performance.
  • Help the curriculum advisory board with planning the curriculum and to coordinate the teaching schedule.
  • Arrange class time and periods for guest lecturers to offer crucial insight on certain subjects to the students.
  • Jointly work with health care professionals to design seminars on prevention or health sciences in hospital or community centers for patients and/or families.

Work Schedule

Nursing instructors are generally hired by colleges, private clinics or hospitals to educate and train their students or staff members. They are hired by hospitals in order to give special training or education in vital areas.

When in college or educational institutions they work normal work hours, which can be 16 to18 hours of classroom teaching, but with hospitals they have a more flexible schedule. Nursing instructors also have a less rigid schedule when working for a community college or schools for working adults. They might have to work weekends or night shifts depending the class demand.

Salary / Wages

The average annual salary of a nursing instructor is $72,456 but it can fluctuate between $66,132 and $79,931. The factors like experience, qualifications, employer size and geographical location can also contribute to this figure.

Advancement Opportunities

Generally, nurse instructors have to continue their own education for advancement in their career. To increase your prospects, it is better for you to complete a course in nursing education or administration. You may want to consider research for a salary increase for more open positions.

Nursing instructors are expected to finish doctoral degree programs in nursing or other related fields to reach the pinnacle of their career. After gaining sufficient experience teaching, practical training, curriculum development, and program designing, you could advance to higher positions like the dean of a department.

Final Word

There is a steady increase in the number of students opting for the nursing education but the number of qualified instructors is not sufficient. Hence there is a great demand for the people with enough educational and professional qualifications. There are attractive benefits like grants for further study, tuition fee waivers and higher pay given for eligible candidates. You can search the online database for job openings and top schools and organizations by using the website: If teaching is your passion, possess solid communication skills and if you are knowledgeable in nursing is considerable, then this could be the right role for you.