Career Trends for Community College Professor Jobs

A community college professor is a senior teacher at community colleges. They usually have a Masters degree or PhD in their field. One of the most interesting career trends in this field is that community colleges are very much in demand. They are taking on the lower level training needs of the universities. That’s adding strongly to the need for community college senior staff.

The Role of Community Colleges

The role of community colleges is very important. These colleges stand at a demographic crossroads of basic training needs across the society. Their fees and basic certifications allow access to a lot of prerequisite training for higher education. They’re far more accessible than the universities, and their certificates are extremely useful for employment purposes.

The basic functions of community colleges are a major factor in demand. Many community college students use the colleges as the beginning of a higher education, especially if they are on budgets. Others use them for “education rehabilitation”, making up for gaps in qualifications. Some use them for retraining when reentering the workforce and others for career change options.

The Demand for Community Colleges

The massive increase in demand for community college services is the primary driver for career trends in this field. Other drivers include:

  • The mechanics of the education system: Community college professorships are high value positions within the education sector. This is a high level of teaching responsibility, and forms part of a natural career track. A community college professorship represents a particularly high standard of achievement, and may lead to college management or other higher level academic roles.
  • Personal motivation: It should be remembered that people with PhDs and Masters degrees have less demanding career options. Many teachers are firm believers and supporters of the community college system and its work. This view is being vindicated by high enrollments and the fact that the tertiary education sector is effectively using the community college system as a primary training area.

Community College Market Trends

The community college sector is to a large extent reflecting the demands of the employment market, with similar emphases on types of training. The training field has upgraded dramatically, creating the need for higher level educators like professors. The academic programs are an eloquent testimony to the versatility of community colleges.

These are some of the most fundamental employment sector demand areas. They’re also the areas in the education system under the most pressure to provide extra places for students in tertiary qualifications. In nursing alone, the community colleges are being considered the best method of coping with the gigantic overflow of applicants for college nursing training.This is a short list of basic areas covered:

Degree programs

  • Architecture
  • Arts
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Computer Information technology
  • Health services
  • International studies
  • Interior design
  • Languages
  • Music

Associate degrees

  • Computer Assisted Design (CAD) technology
  • Computer forensics
  • Computer science
  • Applied science
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Mathematics
  • Nursing