Career Trends for Dentist Jobs

According to recent employment facts, dentist jobs are becoming more plentiful in many regions around the world. Approximately 143,000 dentists performed this work in the United States alone as of 2011 employment figures, and dentists are in demand in every community. If you have an interest in helping people to enjoy many years of sparkling white teeth, fresh breath and good overall health, then becoming a dentist may be a great option for you, given the following industry trends.

Where Dentists Work Today

While the majority of today's dentists have private practices, others work as part of larger dental groups, in hospitals and clinics, or in conjunction with a veterinary medical practice. Dentists are likely to work in sterile clinical office settings and are most often accompanied by dental assistants, who are trained to work with the teeth, gums and mouths of patients on a limited basis. Providing dental care at other patient locations as needed or as part of traveling medical teams is also becoming popular for dentists.

Trends in the Educational Requirements for Dentists

The education of dentists has always been important, but with today's technological advancements, dentists are required to undergo several years of training and education. This can consist of up to 8 years of formal education and training through an approved and accredited dental college. Dental students are required to work in dental clinics to perform procedures under close supervision. To become certified, dentist hopefuls are then required to take a lengthy board examination that is proctored by a nationally recognized board of dentistry. In the US, this is followed by an application for a state license to perform dental care and by continuing education for the life of the career. More dentists are taking advantage of distance education or medical research centers to complete many of these requirements.

Payscales and Benefits for Dentists

As of 2011, most dentists were earning from $68,000 to well over $180,000 USD annually. While these rates varied by location and the type of dentistry services performed, a dentist who starts a practice now can be earning in the six figures within the first two years of his or her career. In addition, dentists today enjoy flexible schedules that can include evening and weekend work to keep up with the demands of consumers. Dentists also coordinate many of the more in-demand services that consumers want, such as teeth whitening, cosmetic work and orthodontic care, which is rising in popularity with all age groups. These services can greatly enhance a dentist's ability to earn a substantial salary in a given year.

Career Outlook for Dentists

As mentioned, the demand for skilled dentists has increased over the years. People are living longer, as well as paying more attention to their appearance. People want to take good care of their teeth so that they last a lifetime. Those who are embarking on a career in dentistry can expect higher-than-average career growth and salaries and many opportunities to work with new developments in dentistry in the next ten years due to the increased numbers of older people in many regions. Look for the best dentist jobs in cities where more people have the means to pay for top dentists to perform specialized work.