Career Trends for Dietitian and Nutritionist Jobs

Nutritionist jobs imply much more than designing a diet plan. A professional dietitian and nutritionist is a complete professional who needs to have a strong background is subjects such as biochemistry and anatomy. If you decide to take on this path, you will find that there are several trends and options when it comes to career development.

Freelancer Nutritionist and Consultant Dietitians

Most of them work in their own private practice with walk-in patients. Nutritionist and dietitians work to plan out diets and provide special advice for people wishing to lose some weight. They also perform the necessary screenings and follow-ups to make sure their patients are making progress.

Community Dietitians and Nutritionists

Their job is very similar to that of the consultant dietitian. However, they work with groups and families, not only providing diet advice, but also promoting healthy lifestyles. They are also concerned with disease prevention. Most of the times, they are employed by different health agencies.

Clinical Dietitians and Nutritionists

By far, this is the most common career trend when it comes to nutritionist and dietitian jobs. They usually work in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Their tasks include: assessment of the patients’ needs in terms of nutrition, diet programs and plans design, follow up consults and results evaluation.

Once they have got the profile of a patient studied, clinical dietitians and nutritionist usually meet with physicians and other health care providers to discuss the patient’s situation and special nutrition needs. This is a full-time job, which is both stressing and rewarding.

Nutrition and Diet Supervisor

There are career advancement opportunities for those in nutrition and diet. Those professionals who work hard enough may become manager dietitian or nutritionist. They are in charge of the diet and nutritional planning of large facilities, like hospitals and nursing homes.

For that reason, everything they do is on a large scale. Apart from taking care of administrative tasks, like preparing reports and keeping records, they are the ones that enforce sanitary regulations; they take care of the food and supplies budget, and when necessary evaluate specific patients’ needs.

They are also in charge of the hiring and recruiting process. So every nutritionist or dietitian who wishes to work in this kind of facilities needs to interview with the nutrition and diet supervisor first. Not all individuals like this career option, because of all the administrative tasks it involves. However, no one can deny it is a challenging job.

Head Dietitian or Nutritionist

There are also several facilities which are specifically devoted to diet and nutrition. Many dietitians and nutritionists set up their own nutrition clinics and supervise them. These clinics mainly work with individuals suffering from overweight. The head nutritionist supervises a team of professionals who work shoulder to shoulder with other health care providers.

In more general terms, when it comes to salary, a typical dietitian and nutritionist earns around $50,000 a year. Nevertheless, most of the people who choose this career path do not do it for the money, they do it because they feel it is a rewarding job and they are truly committed with health care and wellbeing.

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