Career Trends for Family Practice Physician Jobs

Family Practice Physician jobs have entered a new arena owing to healthcare reforms. Family practice physicians or family physicians provide primary medical care to people of all ages. They provide personal and comprehensive care for the individuals irrespective of sex and disease. Apart from diagnosis and treatment, family physicians also assist patients in disease prevention, immunization, routine check-ups and health risk analysis.

Family Medicine Specialization

As a family practice physician, you must possess either a DO or MD degree with specialization in family medicine, which includes a three year family medicine residency program after the medical degree. In the residency program, you are educated and trained in internal medicine, pediatric, geriatrics, psychiatry and obstetrics-gynecology. Thus you are qualified to address various medical issues your patient might be facing. You must obtain a certification from the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) in order to practice as a family practice physician.

You can pursue additional fellowships in Adolescent Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Medicine and Sports Medicine and can obtain Certificates of Added Qualification (CAQ) from the American Board of Family Medicine.

Recent Trends

  • You have an interest in the program of Maintenance of Certification Program for Family Physicians (MC-FP). That means you have to continue education and undergo a yearly test conducted by the ABFM on various subjects in order to retain the certification of family medicine physician.
  • A new fellowship program known as International Family Medicine has been introduced to educate family physicians and which trains you how to work in resources-poor environments.
  • Because of litigation problems, most of the family physicians are not providing Obstetrics and Gynecology services.
  • By 2020, demand for family practice physicians will exceed the supply.
  • The average salary of family practice physician is $129,295, which is much less than the average compensation paid to other physicians’ jobs.  

Career Switchover

Since this specialty offers a wide range of fellowship programs, you have lots of options to decide about your career advancement. Generally, family practice physicians work individually or in groups or in hospital setups. You can switch your career to a more focused area of medical care like public health, sports medicine, research, academics, emergency medicine and so on. After doing fellowships, if you intend to get a better paying and challenging job you can make use of the Internet. is one such online job search engine that is totally dedicated to providing healthcare job opportunities.

Important Information

Demand for physicians is expected to grow until 2016 due to the expansion of the healthcare industry and this assures you of ample opportunities when you complete your family medicine fellowship program. The demand might be more due to the increased aged population in the U.S. and that is the reason why elder care specialist jobs are among the top 10 jobs of the next decade. Family practice physician jobs are suitable for medical students who want to stay away from surgery procedures. A family practice physician job also allows you to have a flexible and more predictable working schedule with a better lifestyle.