Career Trends for Financial Controller Jobs

Financial controller jobs are some of the most important in the finance industry. Financial controllers play vital roles in the financial success of many businesses, and their jobs can be very challenging. Financial controllers are at the top of their field and are very experienced in the industry. Here are a few things to consider about career trends for financial controller jobs.

Financial Controllers

A financial controller is a person that sets the financial policies of a company or organization. The financial controller might be in charge of the accounting department and the auditing department. This individual can set the accounting policies that are used for the company and can determine how the company reports its financial information. This job is very important to the company and how it operates.


Financial controllers generally hold degrees in finance or accounting. Many of them have master's or doctorates in these fields, indicating their expertise in the industry.

Job Growth

The job market for financial controllers is expected to grow about as fast as the average job through the year 2014. The job prospects for this position are closely tied to the financial market and the economy overall. If the economy is growing, there will be more companies expanding and opening up. This leads to increased opportunities for financial controllers to find job openings. 

Internal Promotion

Financial controllers are already considered to be towards the top of their field. They have generally put in many years of work in order to get to the position of financial controller. Usually, they start out as accountants or as financial managers in lower departments. Then they can be promoted through the ranks to get to the position of financial controller. Once the position of financial controller is reached, an individual could be promoted further. For example, many financial controllers are eventually promoted to the position of chief financial officer or chief executive officer. These individuals have displayed the ability to lead and set successful financial policies for their companies. The progression into a leadership role over the rest of the company is only natural in many cases.


Some financial controllers are also recruited by other companies that want to bring them into the fold. Good financial controllers are difficult to find because of the highly technical nature of their expertise. Because of this, many companies will try to recruit financial controllers from other companies to try to improve their own situations. Financial controllers are often bombarded by offers from other companies with better benefits packages or higher salaries. Once you reach the rank of financial controller for a large company, you will likely have no shortage of job opportunities in front of you. If you are not promoted to an even higher position in your own company, you could eventually move onto another company and continue to advance.