Career Trends for Gastroenterology Physician Jobs

Gastroenterology physician jobs are undergoing a change just like other health care jobs. As a gastroenterologist, you will specialize in diagnosis and treatment of diseases and illnesses related to the digestive system, which includes the stomach, esophagus, colon and intestine. Gastroenterology physician jobs are one of the more highly paid branches of medicine that treats some of the most complex illnesses of the digestive tract.

Educational Requirements

Gastroenterology is actually a subspecialty undertaken by the internal medicine students. Like any other medicine specialization, you have to complete 4 years of medical school and 3 years of residential program, plus 2 years fellowship training in gastroenterology in order to become a gastroenterologist. Pediatric gastroenterology is a fellowship program that can be achieved by pediatricians or gastroenterologists in order to become an expert in treating gastrointestinal issues of children.

Career Opportunities

Most often gastroenterologists start practicing privately or work as a team in a small private hospital. Most of the gastroenterologists choose the former because diagnosing and treatment of the conditions can be done with the help of certain blood tests, surgery or endoscopic surgery procedures in a small setup. A few gastroenterologists who are tired of managing their own medical setup due to the increased health care reforms are turning to multi-specialty hospitals to work as consultants. If you are in search of better job prospects, you can browse through the online web portals to grab relevant and lucrative job opportunities. Hospital Jobs Online is one such website that provides comprehensive career tips and opportunities.

Recent Trends for Gastroenterology Physician Jobs

  • Physicians who no longer wish to perform surgical procedures are choosing gastroenterology as their career for a more relaxed lifestyle.
  • Compensation in gastroenterology is highly competitive. According to the 2009 physician compensation survey of the American Medical Group Association, the median salary of a gastroenterologist is about $389,385.
  • Colonoscopy is slowly shifting towards imaging techniques like virtual colonoscopy, stool test, genetic tests and more.
  • Endoscopic surgery, instead of the traditional surgical methods, is employed widely for treating most of the gastrointestinal problems.
  • Due to an increased number of children suffering from gastroenterological problems, demand for pediatric gastroenterologists is on rise.
  • Due to the large influx of patients with gastroenterological issues, multi-specialty health care centers are trying to have gastroenterologists on their rolls either as full-time or visiting physician consultants.

Continuing Education in Gastroenterology Physician Jobs

Like many other medicinal branches, this branch of specialization is also undergoing a rapid change as far as methods of diagnosis and treatment are concerned. Thus you have to keep abreast on the recent technologies and surgical procedures in order to succeed in this job.

You should also learn to be more attentive, as you have to listen to the symptoms of the patients and the recordings of the primary care physician in order to properly treat your patients.