Career Trends for Hospice Nursing Jobs

Searching for hospice nursing jobs is a bit different from the basic nursing job search. This is specialist work across a range of roles, and the experience factor is important at all levels except entry level. That adds some degrees of difficulty in finding the right jobs.

Hospice Nursing Job Search Online

The word “hospice” is useful in separating the hospice nursing jobs from others in the basic job search, but that’s about all it does to help the job search. The actual job roles and skill sets are much more useful as qualifiers in terms of finding specific jobs.

Some of these hospice nursing job ads are generic, (usually from recruiters) which adds some aggravation to the actual search. You can search a job like “Interim Care Nurse” which includes a range of information about National Patient Safety Goals, which is fine, but doesn’t include a lot of information about the job.

At baseline qualifications role, this is tolerable, but for Registered Nurses (RNs) whose work isn’t that simple, it’s a lot less than specific. The best use for the generic hospice nursing job ad is as a starting point for getting real information. It’s worth following up with an inquiry.

Other job ads, like Clinical Supervisor, or more senior roles are much better laid out. For specialist RNs like case managers, the “case manager” search term is much more efficient, and saves getting pages of useless search results. We’ve found that use of unique search terms is definitely best for professionals, because it includes the essential elements of the job search without getting tangled up in job titles.

Specialist Sites

For hospice nursing jobs the health care specialist job sites are a lot more sympathetic, as well as far more efficient. There’s a site called Hospital Jobs Online, which has hospice nurses as a category, and you can search by location in the US and Canada. This is a “sign up” site, but it’s very useful for health professionals, and one of the better known, longer running sites in this field. 

There are a lot of hospice nursing jobs on the market, and the less time you have to spend looking for them, the better. The specialist sites like Hospital Jobs Online are worth bookmarking, because it gives you a quick way of finding and comparing jobs in the sector at your level.

(Some job boards actually include CNA home health jobs and other roles in the same category as RN jobs.)

Finding Hospice Nursing Jobs

The job market for hospice nursing jobs is big, and there are real opportunities for career progression. Experienced RNs are in demand in this field, and it’s advisable to keep an eye on the job market if you’re looking to progress. Other job options may also include opportunities for managerial work, and other natural progression elements which makes these jobs valuable in career terms. 

If you’ve found a hospice nursing job, another useful move is a visit, or at least direct contact with the employer if possible, to sound out the realities of the jobs. As experienced nurses in this field know, hospice nursing jobs come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s worthwhile researching available job options.