Career Trends for Medical Translator Jobs

Medical interpreters and translators have different options to develop their careers. However, becoming a certified medical interpreter or translator means taking courses, exams and practicing for several hours. Yes, it is not an easy career path to follow, however it is a very rewarding one. Read on to find out more.

Freelance Medical translator

Freelance medical translators work for both translation agencies and medical publishers. Their line of work includes different medicine and medicine related topics, from cardiology to pharmacy. A medical translator must be well trained in medical terminology as well as familiarized with specific lingo of this field. Medical translator's rates vary widely. Mostly, they depend on the length and difficulty of text in combination with the translators’ experience. They can go anywhere from USD 0.10 to 0.30 per word.

Over the Phone Medical Interpreter

An over the phone medical interpreter works from the comfort of her own home office. Obviously, this poses several advantages. It is a great job for moms, for example. To become an over the phone medical interpreter you need to undergo a great deal of training and examinations.

This job is very challenging; not only because you need to be highly trained and ready to respond to almost any kind of medical situation, but also because you might be able to face technical difficulties. This problem is not present when you are an on site interpreter.

For this reason, you need to be familiarized with the over the phone interpreter's protocol. That is your best tool to solve all kinds of technical and non technical issues that may arise during the call. As it was previously stated, this is a very rewarding career. You get to do your bit and give back to society by helping people in difficult situations to communicate.

If you decide to take on this path, be ready to handle all kinds of situations: from 911 calls to interpreting for a doctor and a patient who’s in labor, anything goes. You may want to get psychologically ready to deliver terrible news to patients as well. It is true, it takes a lot more than linguistic skills to be an over the phone medical interpreter. Over the phone interpreters charge by the minute, with usual rates of USD 0.30 to 0.50 per minute.

On site Medical Interpreters

On site medical interpreters work by assignments. They usually work in several clinics, and most of the times they are freelancers working for interpreting agencies. So you need to be ready to go from one hospital to another on the same day, if needed.

Although this is indeed a challenging job, if you decide to become an on site interpreter, you will find it is much easier than interpreting over the phone. You get to see the people involved in the conversation, face to face, thus you get to see facial expressions and gestures that may help understand better what they are trying to communicate. Their rates are usually USD 30.00 per hour.