Career Trends for Nephrologist Jobs

Nephrologist jobs are moving into a different realm due to the longevity of human lives with new medical advances. Renal diseases are at an increase with changes in food habits and lifestyle of modern population. Increase in renal diseases has naturally led to an increased demand for nephrologists. Medical graduates with a sub specialization in nephrology can attend fellowship in nephrology after the completion of internship programs. The field of nephrology is diversifying rapidly with more specialization studies and researches. Due to the numerous specialties in nephrology, numerous fellowship programs are available to be chosen.

Trends in Nephrology

  • There are nearly 135 Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) approved nephrology fellowship programs. Due to the frozen Medicare caps for Graduate Medical Education (GME), there is an increase in the number of fellows undergoing training in the nephrology.
  • Due to the federal regulations for the entry of foreign medical graduates into resident programs, there is an increased demand for the native nephrologists to take care of the renal patients and for nephrology research.
  • Adult nephrology fellowship training programs continues to increase, as there is large demand for the nephrologists.

Subspecialties of Nephrology

With an increase in the number of the nephrology workforce, there is a growing need among nephrologists to complete a sub specialization that includes pediatric nephrology and adult nephrology. Fellowship programs for these subspecialties are available and the fellowship usually includes a year of intense clinical practice with two years of research and working with multidisciplinary team. Completing the certification procedure in these specialties requires additional educational and internship programs.

Career Switchover

Select a subspecialty in the field of nephrology and complete required education and certification. Approach a placement consultant or browse through internet to find a better opportunity to work in the new subspecialty field. You can get a list of opportunities to work as a nephrologist in various hospitals and renal care centers and apply for the chosen ones. is one such comprehensive tool to search for jobs related to healthcare services. Get registered with such a site and post your resume so that you can get ample offers to choose from. You can work in a hospital with a nephrology healthcare service facility. If you have completed a higher education degree in nephrology, then you can work as a consultant physician nephrologist for more than one hospital during various working hours.

Negative Aspects

Though there is an increase in the number of kidney health problems and renal failures, there are few drawbacks in this field. The major drawback is that the government always tries to support the patients with renal failure with hemodialysis procedure instead of suggesting renal transplants in order to cut the cost of operations. Hence, the pay scale for the nephrologists is not much encouraging when compared to that of other specialists in healthcare industry. Another one is that there will have to be lot of communication, discussion and issues arising during the transition of pediatric nephrology care to adult nephrology care.