Career Trends for Neurosurgeon Jobs

Neurologist jobs are undergoing a facelift as new technologies have revolutionized this field of medicine. Neurologists treat adults and children for their neurological (nerve related) disorders like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy. You must be dedicated and possess special skills in order to shine as a neurologist as you might have to treat, confront, and tackle some of the most challenging and difficult medical issues.


In order to become a neurologist, you have to complete a medical degree and then transfer into a 4 year residency program. This residency program consists of 3 years of neurology specialization and 1 year of internal medicine. After which neurologists can choose to specialize in various subspecialties available. Some of them are Behavioral Neurology, Vascular Neurology, Interventional Neurology, Neuro-ophthalmology, Genetic Neurological Disorders, Cerebral Neurology, Cognitive Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Geriatric Neurology, Neuro-muscular, Epilepsy, Neuro-Rehabilitation, Neuro Immunology, Clinical Neurophysiology, Sleep Medicine, and Pain Management. This field is fascinating because there are so many options.

Career Trends

  • Travel neurologist and consultant neurologist positions are highly paid compared to any other branches of medicine.
  • The neurological field is expanding, as new forms of genetic research and stem cells are being discovered to provide treatment to many of the challenging neurological disorders.
  • General Neurologists, Clinical Neurophysiologists, Epilepsy specialists, and Sleep Medicine Neurologists are in more of a demand in contrast to other subspecialties of neurology.
  • Some of the subspecialties of neurology face stiff competition from other physicians in that specialization. For example, a Sleep Medicine Neurologist faces competition from a Pulmonologist; Neurobehavioral neurologist faces competition from Psychiatrist and so on.

Career Advancement

You can work in a hospital in your locality or open your own established consultation office. Finding a neurologist job is easier than other branches of medicine since there is a high demand for neurologists; as people in all ages can obtain neurological disorders or problems at any point in their life. You can find a better job opportunity if you have completed any one of the subspecialties which has been mentioned already. You can find a dream job in your specialization of neurology by registering with an online job search engine like that of You will get to know the current market situation for this vital and lucrative field, relevant information and opportunities with the help of such sites.

Career Shift

If you begin to feel uninterested with diagnosing and treating neurologically challenged patients then you can take to academics by teaching in a university or you can pursue the research avenue in neuroscience institutes or laboratories. You can also opt to pursue a surgical career by performing in a neurosurgical specialization and have a bright and interesting career as a neurosurgeon.

Final Word

A neurological position is interesting and at the same time frustrating. You will have to be highly patient to treat mentally challenged patients. Sometimes, you have to be content with treating patients who will not fully recover regardless of the skill and cognizance you have attained. But this field is open and the salaries are high. Even if you practice individually you can earn more than other physicians and have flexible work hours.