Career Trends for Nuclear Medicine Physician Jobs

Nuclear medicine physician jobs involve the use of radionuclides for diagnosing and treating various health aliments. More specifically the jobs involve administration of radiopharmaceuticals that are organ- or tissue-specific for the diagnosis and therapy of malignant and non-malignant medical issues. As a nuclear medicine physician, you employ various internal noninvasive and safe radiation treatments on patients.

The Nuclear Medicine Specialty

Nuclear medicine is a residency specialty program that is completed by qualified physicians. Once you complete a nuclear medicine program, you can practice in diagnosing and treating through radioisotopes. The duration of this residency program varies with the prior qualification of the students.

Currently there is no subspecialty approved by the American Board of Nuclear Medicine. However, there are certain non-standard disciplines of nuclear medicine like pediatric nuclear medicine, renal nuclear Medicine, positron-emission tomography (PET) and nuclear oncology.

Recent Trends

Recently a greater emphasis has been laid on PET training and periodical re-certification in order to maintain professional competency.

There is provision for fresh medical graduates, diagnostic radiologists and internal medicine physicians to complete this fellowship with various durations. Hence, an increasing number of physicians is entering nuclear medicine fellowship programs. Because of the better compensation and growth in this field, a number of physicians with radiography certification are also entering this field by pursuing nuclear medicine fellowships.

Due to the increased usage of the term "nuclear" in conjunction with many of the other specialties like nuclear endocrinology, nuclear cardiology, nuclear nephrology and more, there is a proposal to use the term "nucleology" with those specialties. It has been proposed to use "cardio nucleology" so as not to reduce the significance of the nuclear medicine specialty.

Career Outlook for Nuclear Medicine Physician Jobs

Nuclear medicine physician jobs are regarded as the specialization of diagnostic radiology in the medical field; and thus it is better for you to have expertise in diagnostic radiology too. This way you gain an advantage over some competitors for your desired nuclear medicine physician jobs.

Medical Job Boards

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Demands and Benefits

Becoming a nuclear medicine physician is a long and intensive procedure, but it often leads to better compensation and a more comfortable lifestyle. Nuclear medicine physician jobs do not require you to work at odd hours or provide emergency medical care very often.

Furthermore, as this is an upcoming branch of medicine, you may have opportunities for research in this field.