Career Trends for OB/GYN Physician Jobs

OB/GYN physician jobs are undergoing lot of changes like many other careers because of the economic slowdown. An OB/GYN physician has to practice both obstetrics and gynecology; but few OB/GYN physicians prefer to specialize in one of them. OB/GYN physicians deal with woman’s reproductive health and medical issues related to female reproductive system along with the prenatal care, labor and delivery.

Sub-Specialty in OB/GYN

American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) has recognized four sub-specialties in OB/GYN field and either of them can be completed by undergoing certification exam conducted by ABOG. An OB/GYN physician can get certification in one or more of the sub-specialties.

  • Maternal Fetal Medicine is an obstetrics sub-specialty that deals with the medical and surgical treatment of high-risk pregnancies. An OB/GYN physician with this specialization is also referred to as Perinatologist.
  • Gynecologic Oncology deals with the consultation and treatment of gynecological cancer.
  • Reproductive Endocrinology and infertility deals with the diagnosis and treatment of endocrinology and infertility problems.
  • Urogynecology/Reconstructive Pelvic surgery deals with the women’s urinary tract medical issues and reconstructive pelvic surgery

Recent Trends

There is a sharp decline in the number of men opting for OB/GYN residency programs and general OB/GYN programs due to the sexist market trends. Female OB/GYN physicians are preferred over males by certain employers due to preference given to the female physicians by health care seekers.

Career Switchover

Due to restrictions imposed by the federal government, there is a cut in the pay package of the OB/ GYN physicians. Alternate career options thus are -  

  • Consider becoming a Resort doctor, Medical Director, Prison Doctor, Educationist, Hospital Administrator, Quality Assurance officer for Medical Equipments, medical website founder and other such less "fancy" careers.
  • Clinical decision support systems can also be developed in collaboration with health care information technology companies by you as OB/GYN physician.
  • Hospital medicine is another career option you can try. You will be referred to as inpatient physician or hospitalist wherein you will take care of patients (not diseased by a specific organ or disease) from their admission till their discharge.
  • Medical Analyst for resolving lawsuits, claims due to injuries in a defense litigation support firm.
  • Medical case writer for educational purposes for health care websites.

You can find alternate opportunities to work by utilizing placement consultancies or browsing through internet job search engines. is one such comprehensive online job search portal that is entirely dedicated for the health care professionals. Register with the portal and post your resume so that potential employers can approach you directly.

Career Outlook

If you are practicing in group, then after gaining considerable experience, you can start practicing privately. Even if you are working in a larger hospital, you have the chance of getting promoted as the Chief OB/GYN physician managing a team of junior OB/GYN physicians. With sub-specialty certification, you can handle cases with a wide range of medical ailments.