Career Trends for Occupational Health Nursing Jobs

Occupational health nursing job trends are evolving as the workforce develops into new roles and working conditions. These are specialist jobs, requiring a thorough knowledge of workplace hazards and issues; and the employment market is now seeking diversity and advanced standards of health care.

Occupational Health Nursing Jobs Workplace Issues

Emerging and current issues in the workplace include:

Stress: This is an ongoing major issue, involving the entire workforce. Occupational health nursing jobs frequently involve staff assessment and the monitoring issues in the workplace. Stress issues may include:

  • Working conditions
  • Types of work
  • Hours and shifts

The fact is that people still often work in unhealthy workplace environments. Although conditions have generally improved, there’s no such thing as a perfect workplace. These issues can have a very negative effect on the workforce and cause health problems.

Counseling and support services: The workplace is a reflection of its society. There can be many different situations requiring counseling and support, often in line with employer policies and management approaches to workplace practices.

The most common emerging areas of focus in occupational health nursing jobs are these:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Allergies
  • Medication issues
  • Existing medical conditions

The occupational health nurse is a registered nurse and also the in-house first aid and medical expert. He or she needs to be aware of a lot of different situations and how to deal with any emergencies in the workplace. In bigger organizations, this can be a major role and a big responsibility.

Drug and alcohol abuse: The occupational health nurse also conducts health screenings, and the large and often very difficult problem of drug and alcohol abuse is another area of responsibility sometimes delegated to the in-house nurse. This responsibility involves monitoring and may also involve counseling if the nurse is appropriately qualified in the drug and alcohol counseling field. This is a particularly valuable role to both employers and staff.

Occupational Health Nursing Job Market Trends

The workplace issues are definitely driving employment trends and job design in occupational health nursing jobs. These are difficult medical areas that require effective management. Advanced employment policies in these areas are shaping the roles of occupational health nursing jobs into multifaceted functions.

That process is forcing an upgrading of the occupational health nursing job from the old style “office nurse” into a fully fledged technical nursing role. Although this is putting a lot of extra work into occupational health nursing jobs, from a career perspective, it’s also opening up a lot of new career options for occupational health nurses.

The added skills in the new roles are potentially excellent areas of career development. Over time, experienced nurses can transform their occupational health nursing positions into professional consultancies. There’s a well-known market demand for assistance with the major workplace problems. Employers need assistance in all the critical areas.

An occupational health nursing job has some options for specialization and certification in important areas of nursing. Ongoing training and career planning can reconfigure the basic occupational health nursing job into a whole new career dynamic.