Career Trends for Occupational Medicine Physician Jobs

Occupational medicine physician jobs are declining due to various reasons. Occupational medicine or industrial medicine takes care of preventive medicine and emergency medical care of workers. The profile has been developed from a clinical base of diagnosis and management of occupational diseases. It involves assessment of medical fitness for employment, rehabilitating back to work after illness, studying and identifying causes of diseases of workers and recommending improvements in the workplace to avoid health problems. Heavy industries have their own team of occupational medicine physicians to provide medical and surgical care to their workers.  

Occupational Medicine Physician Career

Though the numbers of professionals entering this field are less, a demand of occupational medicine physician still exists in small and large industries, large corporations, hospitals, educational and government institutions. These entities still need them due to federal regulations.

Setting Practice

As an occupational medicine physician, you can render your services as a part or full time physician, group practice physician, or physician in private hospitals. Large industries and companies require the services of occupational medicine physicians. As per federal regulation, depending on the size of the organization, facilities having one or more directors, staff physicians, toxicologists, industrial hygienists, ancillary medical personnel and nursing staff needs to be maintained. Hospital based occupational medical programs offer such services to client industries. Many small companies recruit occupational medicine physicians as consultants. Since occupational medicine is concerned with the maintenance, restoration and improvement of workers, it gets more significance in large organizations where you have ample scope for career advancement.

Recent Trends

  • The compensation given to the occupational medicine physician is not satisfactory.
  • Nearly half of the occupational medicine physician jobs have been removed in the last decade.
  • Attempts to include occupational medicine in medical school curriculum have failed.
  • Private practice of occupational medicine is not satisfactory.
  • Proposal to merge the occupational medicine specialty with the environmental medicine has not been welcomed by other specialty physicians.

Occupational Risks

Different work places have different work related hazards and the occupational medicine physicians should be able to identify and control these occupational risks. They also have to make themselves competent in diagnosis and management of occupational diseases by attending relevant training programs.

Career Shift

Due to negative aspects in the career of occupational medicine physician jobs, there is a shift in the career choice among medical graduates. Instead of working in industries or private practices, occupational physicians have started working with the multi-specialty hospitals. Lots of such opportunities for alternative options for occupational physicians are advertised online also. For instance, is a website that is dedicated towards health care job opportunities. You can get better opportunities to work by registering with this site. Apart from decent salary and fixed working hours you can enjoy facilities and benefits such as group insurance, leave with salary, free furnished house and pension benefits.