Career Trends for Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistant jobs provides business services from a remote location. That rather broad definition shows the versatility and scope of virtual assistants, who can fill some niches in the work force very well. Virtual assistant jobs can become interesting, multifaceted careers, providing personal independence and many flexible options for your working life.

The Virtual Assistant as Service Provider

Virtual assistant jobs offer flexible working arrangements. They involve providing a set of services within a time frame. If you are a good organizer and time manager, you can do several virtual assistant jobs in different fields.

For example, you may

  • Provide data entry services to Client A
  • Provide customer support services to Client B
  • Provide a live chat service for Client C
  • Provide web design services for Client D
  • Provide internet marketing support for Client E.

You may operate as a contractor, getting clients through a range of sources, including:

  • Advertising your services
  • Applying for posted jobs
  • Working for a third-party employer, like an online service contractor
  • Showcasing your skills and services on your personal website
  • Networking in a professional field.

The virtual assistant's skill set operates very much like a traditional resume, with additional information provided through a website and other media. Prospective clients or employers can browse through a portfolio of work and hire the assistant on that basis.

This often creates a "portfolio career" mode. The main difference between virtual assistant jobs and other careers of this type is that the portfolio involves multiple forms of work, sometimes across different professions and industries.

The Virtual Assistant as a Business

The multiple facets and types of operations create what would be called a "business services" business in the traditional employment market.

Any or all of the virtual assistant's services may evolve into a business in its own right. You could even employ other people as virtual assistants. What were virtual assistant jobs become virtual businesses.

The examples given above would evolve into

  • Providing data entry and administration contractors to Client A
  • Providing customer support assistants to Client B
  • Providing a full-support service for Client C
  • Acting as a full contract web design service for Client D
  • Operating Internet marketing for Client E and other clients.

Activities Offering Virtual Assistant Jobs

Different activities may create the need for virtual assistant jobs. These include the following and more:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online sales
  • eBay marketing
  • Desktop publishing
  • Resume writing
  • Graphic arts
  • Web design
  • Media production
  • Professional services

These activities can operate as both active and passive revenue streams for the main business.

The virtual assistant career is self-made. It can open up opportunities for your professional development, as well as provide an income.