Careers for Moms: 7 Career Ideas

Are you looking for career ideas for moms? Every day, millions of parents are forced to make the difficult decision between having careers and raising their kids. For many, this becomes an impossible balancing act that causes stress, poor work performance and lack of career satisfaction in general. However, there are many flexible careers that are perfect for moms looking for a better way to experience work-life balance. Here are a few of the best careers for moms.

Direct Sales and Party Plans

It’s not just about selling plastic containers and beauty products anymore. There are a wide range of direct sales and party plan companies where moms can make a good living today. On top of being flexible, many direct sales and party plan companies are family-friendly, allowing Moms to have a personal life and run a successful business from home.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

With the rise in small online businesses and entrepreneurs today, there are many busy folks looking for help with their routine administrative duties. Why not use some of those organizational and interpersonal skills learned as a mom to earn some easy cash? If you can use a home computer, have strong typing and telephone skills you can easily start a career as a virtual assistant.

Customer Service

Many Moms find that it’s better to work part time so that the needs of their children are met but they can still hold down a career. If you are good with people, you may want to consider customer service jobs which are perfect for many working mothers. Customer service work offers flexible scheduling, the opportunity to talk with grown-ups and great earnings. Many customer service jobs can also be managed from a home office.

Freelance Writing

For Moms who have strong writing and creative skills, freelance writing is a very flexible and enjoyable career. Freelance writing allows for maximum freedom of expression, is not limited to a specific set of earnings and is kid-friendly. Many freelance writers share their stories and articles on websites, blogs and in print form – earning rates that rival many full time professional careers.


Taking care of other people comes natural to moms. Therefore becoming a caregiver is an excellent career choice. Caregivers take care of the physical, emotional and medical needs of other people, from the youngest to the oldest. Many caregivers provide these services in client homes in addition to working in daycare centers and assisted living facilities.


Moms love to take photos of their children, pets, friends and family to capture the important moments in their lives. Why not use some of that creative skill and become a contract photographer? Photographers have a very flexible schedule and charge by the picture or for doing photo shoots for weddings, birthday parties and community events.

Professional Organizer

The most organized moms know how to keep a home neat and in order. If you enjoy storing household items in containers, love making labels for everything or just like to keep order in your home, why not offer this as a service to friends and family? Professional organizers work with clients in their own homes or at businesses, helping calm the chaos of life with simple solutions to messes and clutter. This is a career choice that offers flexibility and fun for moms who want to own their own business.