Changing Careers? 5 Reasons to See a Career Counselor

Are you in the middle of changing careers and thinking about seeing a career counselor? There are many reasons why using the services of a career counselor make sense. Career counselors work closely with anyone struggling to identify a career path or with transitioning to a new job. Skilled career counselors also provide the career guidance needed to develop a satisfying lifelong career. If you are considering working with a career counselor in the near future, here are five reasons to see a career counselor.

Get Objective Feedback

When you work with a career counselor, you can expect to receive bias-free feedback; support and guidance that will help illuminate the path to your new career. In contrast to seeking this kind of support from friends or family who may not understand or support your reasons for switching careers, a career counselor will be as honest with you as possible to help you find the answers you need to be more successful in choosing a career and getting the help you need to get there. You can expect a career counselor to point you in the right direction because their only focus is on your finding a great new career.

Find Support with a Career Counselor

Part of the career counselor's job is to help you learn to trust yourself as you move through the process of learning about alternative career choices and about what works for you. A good career counselor will support you every step of the way by listening to you, offering feedback and suggestions, and by providing tools and resources to help you as you search for a job you like. When you stumble, your career counselor will be right there with you giving you a hand up to get back on your feet again. When you succeed, your career counselor will celebrate with you.

Get a Career Assessment and Identify Your Skills

If you are completely lost or don't know what talents you possess, a career counselor can help you by putting you through a series of career assessment tests. Over a short period of time, the results will show you what careers you are best suited to and what you need to get there. You may be able to change an aspect of the job you are already doing instead of quitting altogether with. The career counselor's goal is to help you figure out what you are good at so you can build a rewarding career around that set of skills.

Career Coaches Help Define Goals

It's hard enough figuring out what kind of career to choose, let alone try to get there alone when you are switching careers. The career counselor you choose will be able to help you with goal setting so that you have a step-by-step course to follow. As you reach each goal, you will be able to find the support and encouragement needed to follow through with the next set of goals. If you are not self-motivated, then having a career coach to be accountable to will work wonders for you.

Mentoring Is What Career Coaches Do

It's always beneficial to select a career coach who has had experience in the type of career that you are in pursuit of. Your career coach can then become a source of mentoring, which is a key component of any job aspiration. There is a lot you can learn from a mentor, including what to expect and what to watch out for in your chosen career. Choosing a career counselor can be a good substitute for finding a professional mentor who has the time and interest in working with you.