Chiropractic Assistant Job Profile

Chiropractic assistants help chiropractors manage both the office and the patients and generally work in a private chiropractic practice.

The Role of a Chiropractic Assistant

Depending on the need of the office where you work, your role can go from being completely focused on office work and paperwork to hands on work with patients. Administrative and office duties include patient intake, updating chart information, billing, and insurance, scheduling and ordering supplies.

Many chiropractic assistants are also responsible for aiding the chiropractor while he works on patients, including setting up the exam room, weighing the patients, taking their blood pressure, and even taking x-rays when necessary. Chiropractic assistants are the first people patients see and deal with when they enter the office, so it is important to be polite, cheery, and helpful.

Educational Requirements to be a Chiropractic Assistant

Some chiropractor's offices may require no more than a high school diploma, in which case you would be trained on the job. Other offices, however, may require a certification as a chiropractic assistant. Such a certification can be obtained via an online certification program, or at your local vocational college or community college.

As with most positions, the more educated you are, the better chance you have at getting a position, and the better chance you have at advancing within your workplace. Consequently, even if you start a position as a chiropractic assistant without a certification, you should strongly consider getting certified to more yourself faster up the food chain.

Opportunities for Advancement as a Chiropractic Assistant

Generally, there are a few chiropractic assistants. The more experienced assistants receive seniority and are typically promoted to office manager positions. If you further your education, and become certified as a medical biller, you may also advance within your office and career ranks, being able to take on more responsibilities within the office.

The Salary of a Chiropractic Assistant

Chiropractic assistant's can make anywhere from an average of $12 to $16 per hour. If you do not have experience, and are not certified, you will probably be on the lower end of the pay scale, while more experienced chiropractic assistants, will be on the higher end of the pay scale. If you are a full time employee, you may also be able to negotiate a salary position instead of an hourly position, and may be eligible for medical and dental benefits.

Some states that are on the higher end of the pay scale for chiropractic assistants include California and Florida, and on the lower end are Ohio and Michigan. It’s always a good idea to see where your state ranks on the pay scale before deciding if this is the career for you.