College grants for ex-offenders

College grants for ex-offenders may seem hard to come by. This is because of rules set into place by the American government which deny ex-offenders access to federal grant and loan programs in many cases. Grant programs for ex-offenders are the largest source of financing sought after by this group since they are most likely not able to afford any other method to obtain a college degree.

There are other solutions to this problem. College grants for ex-offenders are obtainable from the nonprofit and private sector. Many times you will need to do research to find these grants. A few places to look include the following:

  • Online
  • College Financial Aid Office
  • Probation Office

When looking for grant programs for ex-offenders try using the following search terms when looking online:

  • Felon grants
  • Grants for felons
  • Grants for ex-offenders
  • College aid for felons

It will take a few pages to find useful information because most of the topics covered deal with how you can not get college grants as an ex-offender. The trick is to dig deeper than the first few pages to find what you want.

The Financial Aid Office of your local college or university should also have some ideas as to where to get possible grants for education. The best way to handle this office is to call first and confirm they have information you can use. Then go to the office and speak directly to an aid counselor and get the required paperwork.

One area for ex-offenders to search for college grants is with their probation office. More than likely the local or state corrections department will either be a part of, or know of, a program to assist ex-offenders in gaining an education. With this in mind, many will know about where to find grant programs for ex-offenders. This will also win points with the probation office as they will see that you are attempting to improve your life.

Another likely source of information about grant programs for ex-offenders are your local nonprofit and community organizations. While they may or may not run their own programs, more often than not they will know where you should go. It is very possible that you could find college grants for ex-offenders in your own community.

While college grants for ex-offenders on a federal level are hard to find today, grant programs for ex-offenders on a smaller scale are not as difficult. Simply searching and asking questions should lead to a handful of programs to start with.