Commission Based Jobs

Commission based jobs can create truly rewarding careers for those with the talents required. The career path can be highly varied, from pure sales commissions to advanced contract remuneration. Commission based jobs have become much more popular with the development of more flexible working conditions and contracts, and it's now a growing part of the employment landscape.

Commission based jobs are often misunderstood to be unstable, with erratic pay and often poor working conditions. Only the bogus sales jobs qualify for that description. Real commission based jobs, which can be big earners, can be great sales jobs with excellent career prospects, or major business jobs, where the commission is worth more than a salary. Commission based jobs also have perhaps the ultimate range of portable skills, useful in all industries.

Career paths: Types of commission based jobs

Commissions aren't simple arrangements, in many cases. Some are commission only, or a combination of commission and a retainer, or commission is paid under contract, as part of an employment package. Career paths move upscale in terms of types of commission work. Pay and career opportunities are related to the types of work and the employee's achievements.

  • Sales commissions: These are the basic commission jobs in retail or wholesale. Payment is based on value of sales, usually on a percentage, or per unit.
  • Contract sales: Upscale from basic sales is selling contracts. These are much higher value sales of goods or services. Commission is based on terms of employment, and can be quite variable.
  • Business commissions: This is the professional goal for most people working in commission based jobs. Commissions are under contract, and the work can involve multi-billion dollar business. These are the classic 'business deals,' with commission based on doing the negotiations and making the terms of these deals. They're highly professional jobs, often including business majors, and they get paid accordingly.

Even basic level commission based jobs come with commission incentives. Good sales managers provide good incentives to get the best people they can. As careers, you may find yourself working across a range of industries, doing very interesting and varied work.

The basic career path varies according to your progression, but there are common requirements at each stage of your career. Starting at entry level, usually in sales or sales related work, is the first step. This experience is absolutely essential. In career terms, your work record is literally based on how well you do in these jobs. Future employers will want to see sales figures and results when you're applying for higher paid jobs, and that requirement is continual at each level of employment.

Upscale, the requirements from employers get much more demanding on commission based jobs. Formal business qualifications are required at the contract sales and business commission levels, because these levels deal with big business. Some of the top businesspeople and consultants in the world started doing commission based jobs, and made their careers on the same business practices.