Computer Technician Job Profile

The job of a computer technician is fluid. The technician will deal with both routine matters and unusual situations. The computer technician is the go-to person for all computer issues. The workload can involve juggling many tasks simultaneously. The most common work is working on help desks while doubling as additional IT support.

A typical day in the life of a computer technician:

Once the computer technician arrives at work, they are informed that the systems are offline. Nothing is working at all. There are several emails, one from a business manager about the new PC upgrade, and one from his own manager about the new IT upgrade. There may also be several computers and laptops sitting on a workbench, waiting for overhauls. 

The computer technician goes to the accounts manager, and soon isolates the problem: a circuit breaker has shut off power. Restoring power involves flipping the breaker, easy enough, with no loss of data requiring him to operate the backups. He then goes next door to see the business manager, and they decide that the 20 new PCs will be set up after working hours, to prevent disruptions to operations. 

He next goes to see his own manager, explains the situation about the new PCs, and they agree that since the new PCs will have to run with the new upgrades, they'll do both that night, and make sure the new computers and the new system upgrade run together correctly. By 10AM the computer technician is already scheduled for 5 hours overtime. He returns to his own work, and receives a few calls for help while training a new assistant and doing scheduled system work. He also repairs two of the PCs and the laptop, which mercifully didn't require major surgery. 

The scope of the career

A typical computer technician has a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering. They will also have problem solving skills with lots of responsibility and must be able to self-manage their workload.

The next qualification level is a Masters Degree. The salary and wages situation can increase from $40,000 to $60,000 for an average senior computer technician. As a contractor, six figure sums are realistic aspirations. Not all computer technicians make this sort of money, unless highly qualified and experienced. Job mobility is a big factor in a computer technician's career repertoire. 

Corporate jobs are the preferred option for many computer technicians. Working with big corporate systems is a career asset and helps create an employment record. With a history of employment, a technician becomes highly competitive, when applying for higher positions.