Craps dealing jobs and employment

There are normally four persons involved. The first person is the box attendant that supervises the game and monitors the bankroll. He acts as referee on disagreements, watches the play, and decides on the validity of a dice roll. There may be two box attendants on busy evenings. The other craps dealer is called the stick since he is located opposite the box attendant and supervisors the center area of play. He uses a stick to push the dice to the thrower after a roll. He is also responsible for announcing the number on the dice after each roll. The stick must be a sociable person and should have good communication skills since the more he comments, the better the atmosphere at the game.

Then two persons interact with the players at the end of the table. The craps dealer exchanges chips for cash and handles all stakes. He also does the payouts and collects the losing stakes.

This type of casino job requires special training in the techniques and rules that apply to the game. The craps dealer must be able to use both hands with equal ease and accuracy, and must be able to think on his feet. It is a fast paced game that requires good counting skills. He may advice the players on good stakes.

The employee is paid between and an hour, plus tips. The gamers are usually outgoing people and many players tip well due to the liveliness of the game.

How is the game played?

The game was derived from the English game called hazard that spread to America during the 1700's. The rules changed so that the game developed into a quick and lively gambling activity. It is now one of the most popular games played in casinos.

There are normally many bystanders who enjoy the game action. The table looks similar to a billiard game board. The most important piece on the table is the dice. Numbers 7 and 11 are important. Other numbers such as 3 and 12 play secondary roles. The dice thrower is called the shooter. There are different types of bets such as line and pass line bets. Several combinations can result in a win or lose.

The craps dealer forms an integral part of the game and contributes to the excitement that surrounds the gambling activity. It is a difficult game to master and entails a combination of luck, skill and knowledge. It is not an entry-level casino job.