Cruise Line Employment FAQ

Q. What are some of the jobs that Cruise ship employment offers?
A. This often times varies by cruise line and the ship on which you are employed. Some of the more common offerings include bartending, day care, shore excursions, restaurant and casino staff and many others.

Q. What are the potential earnings from Cruise ship employment?
A. Again this varies by the line and ship and position that you hold. You should keep in mind that you can bank all the money you are paid through salary. Because all of the necessities of life are paid for including room and board, meals and utilities. You can also expect a nice benefits package including insurance and retirement perks. Most often you will earn between and a month on a cruise ship depending on the position you hold and the time you hold it.

Q. Cruise ship employment offers what level of living condition?
A. The living conditions are small but nice. You will find that the accommodations are slightly cramped and offer very little privacy. During your off times you do have access to other parts of the ship like the pool and lounge. Some cruise lines offer private faculties for their staff like private bars and such.

Q. Will I spend much time off the ship during my Cruise ship employment?
A. This really all depends on how often the ship goes to port and whether you're specific allows you to get off at each port. Some jobs require you to stay aboard while others allow you to get off at each port to make phone calls and sight see. If you are one of the crew members that is allowed to get off at port you are usually required to be back on board no later than one hour prior to departure.

Q. Will I have to buy my own uniforms for Cruise ship employment?
A. All of the cruise lines differ in this matter. Some will provide the uniforms that you are to wear while others require that you purchase them yourself. In many cases the cruise line offers an allowance for uniforms but you must go to the place to purchase them. Shoes are another matter. Most often you will be required to purchase the shoes required yourself and they must fall within the uniform guidelines set down by the cruise line.

Q. Are my illnesses covered by Cruise ship employment?
A. While you are onboard the ship you are covered for all illnesses and injuries that may occur. Otherwise you are covered through medical insurance. The cruise ship will have a medical staff onboard that you can see for free while you are working. If you must leave the ship for treatment then the costs fall to you and your medical insurance company.

Q. Does Cruise ship employment allow contact with home?
A. Yes, you can contact home from the ship or from port. Onboard there are internet connections available for email but they have a fee. The phone service is through satellite only and can cost as much as - a minute to talk. You can also get off at port and use one of the internet cafes that are always nearby and they only charge a nominal fee for their service. Mail is the cheapest way to go. At each port there is an agent that moves the mail for the cruise line and they can tell you where you can pick up incoming mail as well. Mail delivery may take longer than normal so do not expect a letter back from someone in a couple days.