Customer Service Job Market Trends

Customer service job market trends are an interesting study of how the employment market is adapting to the new economy and the no-commute lifestyle. Increasingly, these jobs are becoming far more flexible, and creating new career options.

This is an unusual employment environment. Customer services are taking on whole new roles which are being created by new industries, new technologies, and very different business methods. Demand for customer service people is growing rapidly as employers move from unproductive old style office jobs to the new multi-service roles. Customer service jobs now equate to people providing valuable commercial services across a whole industry spectrum.

Some customer service jobs don't have anything in common with the old image of just working on counters serving customers. Many don't even work in offices anymore, but online. This major shift in paradigm has created many more job and career options for people in customer service.  

The Customer Service Job Market

To understand the job trends in this field it's necessary to explain the new dynamics of the job market. The basic customer service job market is comprised of a series of distinct types of customer service jobs:

  • Private sector service industries: Consumer retail, restaurants, gyms, hospitality, trades
  • Specialist services: Banks, financial services, insurance, accountants, commercial services like advertising, marketing, etc.
  • Professional: Clinics, medical practices, IT, consultancies, etc.
  • Public sector: Government departments, community organizations, non government organizations, charities

There are generic similarities between many in the same streams. They have broadly similar work environments, and job mobility is relatively easy within streams. Job mobility between customer service job streams isn't simple. The types of work are different. The broad "customer service jobs generic classification" only applies at the entry levels of these streams.

Skills and Employment Market Trends

The new employment market trends and new customer service job designs have changed the picture completely. The key to the new job market is job skills. In customer service, every skill and every qualification is a potential career asset. There are now multiple customer service job options in all streams, and across streams, for those qualified in the right areas.

Case study:

John has a series of basic qualifications:

  • Computer science certificate of competency
  • Systems management certificate
  • Business certificate IV
  • Accountancy
  • Negotiation and mediation training and experience
  • 5 years front line customer service in banking

This skill set is the incarnate form of customer service jobs trends. These are all good portable skills for any customer service job. John can work in any area of commercial, professional or public sector customer service. This relatively straightforward set of qualifications creates multiple career and job options.

Please note that these are also very high value skills for an employer, particularly as part of an integrated customer service job. The productivity values of qualifications are major drivers in customer service.

The best customer service jobs are a good guide to what's possible in this line of work. Concentrate on qualifications and expanding your career range, and finding good quality jobs to give you top standard experience.