Customer Service Manager Job Facts

Customer service manager jobs are multi-tiered. The customer service manager can be a corporate manager or a local manager. Customer service manager jobs often senior jobs in many industries, particularly service industries.

The Work Environment

The customer service manager job is responsible for:

  • The  performance and profitability of all customer service functions
  • Direct staff management
  • Productivity
  • Customer retention
  • Quality of information provided to customers
  • Reporting and monitoring sales, demand, and returns
  • The implementation of customer service initiatives like brand loyalty programs, telling customers about additional services, etc.

This is a management job, and with this collection of basic duties come typical managerial administrative functions:

  • Departmental accounts
  • Delegated authority for expenditure and purchases
  • Authority to hire and fire
  • Staff training
  • Staff performance review
  • Product and sales marketing
  • Complaints policy management
  • Oversight of other customer service managers at corporate level

The customer service manager job is a real time situation management role. Productivity in customer service has a range of critical performance measures. It’s the customer service manager’s job to both monitor and improve performance.

The typical form of performance management is best illustrated by report functions. A sales based customer service manager job uses several forms of indicator:

  • Unit sales
  • Inquiries records
  • Complaints
  • Customer service database
  • Inventory
  • Orders
  • Returns

These are the core business elements. The customer service manager’s job, unlike other forms of management, is a real time, ongoing, reporting function, because of the receipts and returns issues. These indicators are very much under scrutiny by senior management, all the time. A combination of the indicators and the departmental accounts define the customer service manager’s job functions and the state of the sales department at any given point.

It’s a problem solving job, too. The customer service manager job isn’t necessarily a “line manager” job. It’s an active decision making job at all levels, in terms of the actual customer service issues. A national product recall, for example, may be originally initiated by a local customer service manager raising the alarm.

Salary: Extremely variable, depending on corporate position, experience, executive package, etc. (To assess a representative salary in this area it’s advisable to check a bandwidth of similar positions.)

Hours: Includes extra time on a daily basis related to all aspects of managerial role, corporate meetings, travel, etc.

The Career Environment

The customer service manager job is often a particularly good position for career advancement. In many industries customer service experience is vital to other management roles at higher levels, because of the need for familiarity with products and the market. (Financial services are good examples of this type of career progression.)

The customer service manager job also has a direct career progression track in any industry. The progression is based on additional degrees of responsibility, similar to the progression of an administrative role, but far more dynamic in terms of job options. The local customer service manager in a retail business, for example, can progress to be the national sales manager of a major retailer.