Customer Service Representative Job Profile

In a customer service representative job, you strive towards creating a loyalty of customers towards the company. This is achieved by offering high quality pre-sales and post-sales service to the customers. You are supposed to be bridging the gap between the customer and the organization in terms of communications. This way, you help in bringing in new customers or business to the organization that you are working for.

Basic Duties and Daily Tasks

  • Attend to the customers over phone, in person, through post or email and solve their queries efficiently.
  • Preparing reports of order status, account details, duplicate account statements, process status and any such related reports.
  • Ask valid questions to the customers to check the validity of the complaint and suggest viable solutions.
  • Comply with the company guidelines and policies while resolving the issues that may have arisen.
  • Accelerate the orders of the customers and informing them of the status of the order or delivery.
  • If the problem is of critical nature and needs immediate attention, forward the customer query to a supervisor or another representative who is more proficient to handle it.
  • Foresee the complications or delays in order processing and plan a strategic solution for overcoming them.
  • Design and implement new methods to improvise the current customer service.
  • Accurately record the requests of the customers so that the customers are charged accurately and appropriately for paid services.
  • Coordinate with related departments to expedite the processing of orders or complaints.

As a customer service representative, you might be at the receiving end if the customers are not happy with the product or service of the company. Thus, you must have lot of patience and resilience to handle such situations. Dealing with distressed customers with diplomacy and care is of utmost importance.

Work Schedule

As a customer service representative, you must possess good communication skills, reading and listening skills along with computer skills and basic arithmetic skills.  You must also be proficient in using telephone, fax, photocopying and other office equipments. Generally, you work in for standard 40 hours a week, but occasionally it might become necessary to work on the weekends to meet customers' requirements.


Average annual customer service representatives' salary is about $26,240. This can go up to $42,990 depending on your expertise and competencies.  

Different Types of Jobs

The basic goal of a customer service representative is to offer best services to an existing or potential client. Since large numbers of companies depend on their customer service representative teams for achieving this goal, you might be working as -  

  • Call Center Customer Service Representative
  • Bank Call Center Customer Care Representatives
  • Critical Problem Service Representative
  • Technical Care Representatives
  • Special Customer Care Representative  

Advancement opportunities

After gaining enough experience you can get promoted to the post of supervisor. If you know more than one language, then the advancement opportunities are brighter. Within the firm, you can become representative of special issues or a critical problem solver over a period of time. Advancement opportunities are better with larger firms.