Dialysis Nurse Job Information

Dialysis nurse is a medical healthcare professional who handles patients with kidney disorders or failures. For the patients with dysfunctional kidneys, dialysis is one of the most important procedures to remove all toxic wastes from their bloodstream. Such patients depend on dialysis for the rest of their life, or until they get a kidney transplant. The dialysis nurse works in a dialysis center, nephrologists clinic or multi-specialty hospitals.

Work Environment

They can work as travel dialysis nurse for few years and then choose a place of convenience to work as a dialysis nurse. There are part time jobs also available for the dialysis nurses. Part time dialysis nurse can work for a 30 hours a week and will earn a decent pay. Few hospitals offer only night time duties to the dialysis nurses. Such night duty nurses are required to work for only few nights in every week. These can help those who want to have an additional income through this dialysis nursing career.


  • Set ready the equipment and bloodlines.
  • Clean the catheter or fistula or cannulate the other access devices.
  • Start the dialysis machine and monitor the patient’s vital signs.
  • Help the patients during hemodialysis.
  • Stop the treatment after dialysis and again check and record their vital signs.
  • Educate and check the correctness of the medication as prescribed by their nephrologists.
  • Educate the patients about their diseases and the importance of the treatment.
  • Train the patients of operating the home dialysis setup.
  • Informing the concerned nephrologists about the changes in the conditions of the patients.
  • Working as a team with the dialysis technician.

Educational Requirement

  • Graduation in Nursing from an accredited college is the first and foremost requirement.
  • Becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) by completing the National Licensing exam for Registered nurses (NCLEX-RN).
  • Appear for the Certified Dialysis Nurse Examination and become a certified dialysis nurse (CDN).
  • Join any dialysis center in the beginning and get to know about using the dialysis equipment and analysis procedures for patients of kidney failure.

Other skills

  • Lot of patience and sincere dedication to the patients
  • Give an emotional support to the patients as most of them come for dialysis as a life support almost daily.
  • Should have a good knowledge of nephrology. (Nephrology means a science of medicine that deals with the kidney’)


Dialysis nurse jobs are highly rewarding. Those who are CDNs get higher pay than those who are simply RNs and working as Dialysis nurse. The median salary for Dialysis nurses is estimated to be $64,614. However, it can fall anywhere in between $57,275 to $71,835.  

Career Advancement

After gaining a considerable amount of experience, a dialysis nurse can get promoted as Leader or Administrator of the other dialysis nurses. Those with higher education and enough experience can also choose a career as a Dialysis Nurse Education Coordinators.

The growth of all registered nurses is predicted to grow by 23% by 2016 in the US Occupational Outlook Handbook.