Different Companies one can apply with for work

Carnival Cruise Lines Employment
As a company, Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the largest in world. Based in Miami, Carnival operates a fleet of 18 vessels that they refer to as fun ships. Finding jobs on a cruise ship operated by Carnival lines is much easier than the norm as they have so many to choose from. The fun ship concept garners wide appeal to the guests of all ages with so many activities onboard that you won't know what to do first. Cruises are offered to Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Panama Canal and other destinations. They are also best known for their cruises to the Caribbean.
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Employment opportunities with Celebrity Cruises Inc.
You can find jobs on a cruise ship operated by Celebrity with ease as they operate the finest in five star fleets. Featuring nine vessels that regularly cruise to destinations all over the globe, Celebrity is the pinnacle of comfort and elegance. Stop in the AquaSpa for a deluxe pampering and then head to the dining room for some of the finest and award winning cuisine found anywhere in the world. Celebrity is also known for its award winning service and value overall for the guests they transport each year.
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Costa Cruise Lines working opportunities
Jobs on a cruise ship operated by Costa Cruise Lines require the utmost in quality. Costa is the number one line in all of Europe and operates 9 vessels around the world. You can choose either a five or sixteen night cruise and visit some of the finest ports in the world. Cruising 'Italian Style' is the motto for this line as they offer luxury and affordability at the same time. Jobs on a cruise ship operated by Costa can be a little harder to come by as they demand only the best from their employees the world over.
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Employment with Holland America Line
With 12 vessels in operation at all times, jobs on a cruise ship operated by Holland America are not in short supply. Deemed the best value by the World Ocean and Cruise Liner Society, Holland screams luxury aboard all the ships in their fleet. Cruises run all over the country and are anything but boring. The Orient is a specialty of the Holland America line and makes them a highly sought after employer by far.
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Job opportunities with Norwegian Cruise Line
Jobs on a cruise ship through Norwegian Cruise Line are plentiful and take you to some of the most exotic ports of call around the world. Norwegian operates 12 ultra modern vessels and garners Broadway quality entertainment and some of the finest cuisine the world over. Take a jaunt with the company that says 'It's Different Out Here.
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Princess Cruises - employment
What started with a television show is now a worldwide phenomenon. If you are looking for jobs on a cruise ship than look no further than Princess Cruises. 13 vessels of the finest quality grace this fleet and they offer over 150 itineraries to such places as the Holy Land, Tahiti, and all over Europe. Choose from any of the 200 exotic ports of call and cruise in modern, luxurious style.Find out more

Royal Caribbean International - work
Along with Carnival, Royal Caribbean International is one of the largest cruise lines in the world. With the 18 vessels they command, jobs on a cruise ship through Royal are easy to find. At any one time they have nearly 15,000 employees all seeing to comfort of their guests. They regularly cruise to over 150 destinations around the world. Find out more