Different Types of Cruise liner Jobs

Jobs on river and barge cruising liners
The employment opportunities on the river cruisers and barges are less glamorous if you compare them to the mega-liners described above. However, the ambiance here is better if you consider the fact that these vessels are much smaller and hence employ a fraction of the staff that the large liners do. The team here is mostly no more than 50 people who come pretty close together in the course of time, making the job a pleasure.

The passengers who take this type of a trip are usually fun-loving people who enjoy the trip by making new friends and seeing new places. It easier to cater to these passengers than those who frequent the large liners; since the latter are mostly very rich for which they can be quite condescending at times. In fact, this is one of the biggest complaints on the large liners the haughtiness and idiosyncrasies of the super rich are sometimes very annoying.

The advantages of jobs on river/ barge cruisers over the big ocean liners
There has been tremendous growth in this line in the past decade. Of course the world has some great rivers too, such as the Danube, the Mississippi, the Volga, the Nile, the Amazon, the Rhine and the Yangtze (Yellow) rivers. Each of these rivers can provide unforgettable experiences. One of the most beautiful and longest river cruises is the Rhine-Main-Danube cruise which will take you through an astonishing 14 countries from Holland to Turkey; it will be very hard to get a match for this extraordinary experience.

Then there are the wooden paddle-wheelers which do not usually get mentioned in the regular advertisements. But these are some awesome trips that can give you an once-in-a-lifetime experience. These boats are actually floating five (or seven) star luxury hotels equipped with all types of amenities and entertainment facilities. The wooden paddle-wheelers are imitating the imposing grandeur of the Victorian steam boats which were immortalized by Mark Twain himself as the boats which were finer than anything on shore.

Today these very modern antiquities are found cruising the Mississippi, Ohio, Columbia and the like rivers in the USA. These river cruise liners always employ only American crew. There is a great atmosphere created during the cruises which becomes warm and pretty informal by the time it reaches its end. The crew and passengers enjoy a laid back interactive atmosphere which many times make for some life long and beautiful friendships.

In Europe, the same cruises are conducted on barges. These barges are specifically built with foldable masts in order to accommodate the many bridges that cross the rivers in this continent. The barges are as luxurious as their counterparts in USA, though they look a bit ungainly from outside. Even if the cruises are European, they usually employ a majority of English-speaking crew. This is because the European cruises are extremely popular with Americans for which the knowledge of English is a must for the crew and the management. Among the eligibility criteria for European barges employment is to be domiciled in Europe, know English and another major European language such as French and German. They will also need to be skilled in customer service and hospitality industry.

More choice in cruising employment yachts and sailboats
The experience of even stepping on a luxury yacht can leave a long-lasting experience. The luxury yachts are small, it is true, but the intimacy that the atmosphere created here cannot be compared with any other place. Most of the yacht crew will be American, even at entry levels. This is actually a good way to start your career in the shipping line, because once you have some experience and you can gain some great credits during the work here you can then apply for jobs on large liners for skilled positions.

For qualification, graduation will be quite sufficient to be considered for a middle position on a yacht, while on a large liner, you will need anything from a hotel management diploma plus 5-10 years experience on ships. Similarly, the yachts will employ their shore excursion directors directly from among their hospitality staff. This is a great way to make it up as cruise director on a major liner.

The yachts specialize in a new and extremely popular cruising line, i.e. eco-touring. These vessels are small ad easily maneuverable over the rivers and hence, it is possible to take its passengers to different types of exquisite eco locations where no big liners can ever reach. On these trips the passengers are also very different. While you will find the luxury liners full of the languid and laid back crowd trying to relax and take a break form the hustle bustle of their lives; the eco-tours will have people who love adventure, action and nature. They would rather talk about nature and ecology or biology than play cards or spend time in a discotheque.

Because the crowd is different, their interests are different and the motive of the trips is different, the crew too has to be different. The yacht and sailboats employ people who not only can speak English, but also can converse well and conduct lectures well. This is why they prefer fresh college graduates who have good organizational and communication skills; and above all can work for long hours without complaints. Some of these vessels offer seasonal trips, which can be great for students who want an interesting way of spending their summer vacation while at the same time earning some good cash.

There is a great demand for people who have a deep interest in ecology and biology as a topic. Naturalists, biologists and budding eco-scientists will find this occupation a great joy; and well paying one at that. The experience is never the same even if you repeat the same course a 100 times, it will never be the same twice. Each trip will be a new trip.

The downside of the yacht/sailboat jobs
The beauty and the joy of seeing new places, sometime almost hidden by nature itself can be extremely thrilling for those who love traveling and nature. However, employment on these small vessels involve a lot of responsibility on the part of its crew, because most of the times one person will be hired for multiple tasks. There will no respite and no free space once you are on the job. This is definitely not a job for you if you are not a people-person since you will have to be around and with people practically all the time.

Another great disadvantage with these smaller vessels is that the water interacts with the people on boat much more than on the larger vessels and if you are queasy about water movement, this is definitely not the best employment choice for you. Any small storm or upheaval will be heavily felt aboard these small vessels.

A third disadvantage is that there is fun, but different type of fun. If you are looking for gambling, dancing, lazing around this is not what you will get on the yacht trips. Here, fun is more in terms of acquiring hands-on knowledge regarding nature, more like an educational trip. This will suit more the intellectual type people, rather than vacationing type. Hence, if you are bored with serious stuff, you will definitely be a fish out of water on any of these trips.