Document Controller Job Facts

A document controller job resides in industries that deal with the handling of huge quantities of documents. Document controllers are also referred to as document specialists. People in this field basically file, organize, format and manage the documents of a department. Mainly industries like finance, health care services, biotechnology, and information technology employ such professionals.

Basic Tasks

  • Manage the documents of the appropriate department.
  • Implement the document control system and management processes.
  • Improvise the present document management procedures.
  • Record or file the master documents or drawings.
  • Process the documents submitted for revision or approval.
  • Reconcile the processed documents.
  • Devise specific procedures for the specific projects with the principles of quality management.
  • Prepare system reports in the prescribed format.
  • Examines the blueprints or drawings and ensure the accuracy and format of all documents.
  • Monitor and distribute the documents to the correct department.
  • Liaison with the necessary team members for timely preparation of document submissions.
  • Help in planning the implementation of projects.
  • Establish time schedules for the development and implementation of the projects.
  • Comply with the regulatory procedures.
  • Keep track of the issues and the receipts of the documents.

These are the basic duties of a document controller who is employed with an engineering or oil and gas company. But the duties can vary with the department he or she works in. For example, if you work in the commercial department you have to help with order entry, routing the work order, purchase administration, invoicing and filing. You also have to compile data regarding orders, inventory data, production data and many more. You would be expected to a competent and strong working knowledge of computers and platforms like Excel and SAP.

Work Schedule

The work schedule for full time document controllers is 40 hours a week, typical. Generally, you do need not put in extra hours but at times the position can be demanding. You are expected to be precise and accurate in processing and compiling data.

Salary / Wages

The average annual salary of the document controller is found to be $24,397. This figure was computed by averaging out the salaries of a document controller in ten different cities.

Advancement Opportunities

There are various types of advancement opportunities in this field; namely Senior Document Controller, Document Control Inspector, Document Control Manger, Head Document controller, etc. With experience, you can advance to higher positions in related fields like Regulatory Affairs, Quality Compliance, Electronics Submission and so on. There are many professional associations and continuing education options available to help you advance to these higher echelon positions.

Final Word

New industries like GIS and aerospace technology are also in need of document controllers for the maintenance of their data and documents. Hence there is a great demand for these types of personnel. If you are good at organizing and compiling data and have strict attention to detail, then this is the right choice for you.