Downside of working on a large cruise ship

For all the glamour and fun projected with a job on the round-the-world cruising liners, there is a big downside also. Most people develop cabin fever because of too long time spent on the ship; this can be cured only by walking on the terra firma. Though it is unbelievable, one can really get fed-up with being at sea even in the most luxurious surroundings. You will need to be a tough cookie if you want to work on a world ship cruiser because as much as it gives you, it will demand of you as much.

Another big disadvantage of working with the biggest names is that all the jobs are compartmentalized and hence it can become pretty monotonous to do the same job again and again and again for years together. This is why people actually leave this line of occupation in about three-four years time. It is quite difficult for a person to adjust for a long time with the long working hours and monotonous work style. Inspite of the money and glamour that it involves, after a certain time it can wear you down.

There is yet another draw back on the large cruisers, that is the fact that since it caters to the rich and very rich, the crew sometimes (and this is rather often) have to put up with the eccentricities and idiosyncrasies of their passengers in the course of their jobs. This can be very taxing when you are working some 18 hours a day and are for a long time stationed on the ship. You will need to maintain complete decorum and be polite and tactful at all times to be able to do justice to your job, even in the face of unfair tantrum and quite condescending behavior.