Earning extra money in the holiday season: House cleaning

Jobs in the holiday season

One of the oldest ways to earn extra cash for the holidays is house cleaning. This job is hard work, and can be dirty but can generate steady income. This is also an inexpensive method of generating income.

Some of the items you will need while house cleaning during the holidays:

  • Mop - both a wet mop and dry mop
  • Vacuum
  • Cleaners - glass, countertop, oven, floor, carpet and others
  • Paper towels
  • Dusting rag
  • Gloves

Services Offered

Before looking for holiday house cleaning jobs, an idea of the services you provide is required. You must think of what amount of work you are comfortable with. You will find people whose homes are complete upheavals while others only need dusting and vacuuming for the arrival of relatives. Some of the most common duties of holiday house cleaning work:

  • Kitchen - removing grease and stains from the countertops, stove, refrigerator, floors and walls
  • Bathrooms - removing mildew and soap film from surfaces such as showers and sinks as well as toilets and disinfecting the room
  • Dusting - requires moving objects and attention to detail
  • Vacuuming - both around and under furnishings
  • Mopping - kitchens, bathrooms and entranceways
  • Windows - clients will ask for this service if you provide it

Some issues which you should be aware of with this type of work:

  • Allergies - know if you can work around pets, plants or certain chemicals
  • Dry skin - do you need gloves while cleaning your home
  • Strong odors - you may come into contact with strong odors while working

Income Potential

The income you can make working as a house cleaner during the holidays depends on various factors such as:

  • Income level of the community
  • Size of the house
  • Size of the job
  • Comparable pricing of other cleaning services
  • The amount of work you can handle

Here are a few tips on figuring your income:

  • Get estimates - getting estimates for your home from other cleaning services will help provide a base figure for pricing
  • Set an income goal - make a goal for the amount of income you want to reach for the holidays
  • Set a work limit - know how much work you can handle at one time; also be willing to turn down a job if it looks to be more than you can handle.

A rate of -40 for smaller jobs is the average, while for larger jobs the fees range from -100 per household. This also depends on the amount of work needed.


To find work you will need to advertise. There are many cheap and often free methods of doing this for holiday house cleaning. Here are some examples of marketing methods:

  • Craigslist - this is a free online community posting site which often lists both people looking for cleaning and looking for work
  • Rotary Club/Kiwanis meetings - attending these meetings as a guest will allow you a way to promote your service to business owners in the community
  • Business cards - handing out cards to anyone within sight is a free and effortless form of networking
  • Bulletin Boards - posting flyers at markets and other retail shops could bring work
  • References - after your first two jobs, begin asking for referrals and references to gain future work.

One issue which may be a concern is liability. Customers may insist on liability insurance, or at least bonding to work in their home. The best way around this is to have references, professionalism, and try to work while someone is available.