Earning money in Christmas, if you can drive

If you are looking for some holiday cash, try driving for it. While this may sound odd with rising fuel costs, there are many opportunities which makes this work.

Mobile Advertising

There are many ways of doing this. Both local and national companies pay you to place car magnets on the sides of your car to advertise their business. Check online to find the specifics of how to do this option. Be aware you should not have to pay money upfront for a legitimate operation. It is basically earning holiday cash while driving and renting the exterior of your vehicle.


The most common ways of earning holiday cash while driving is delivery. Here are the two most common methods:

  • Food delivery - most often this is a hired position with restaurants or fast food service offering delivery of meals. Most income is made on tips.
  • Package delivery - during holiday seasons, many businesses are asked if they can deliver purchases such as unassembled furniture or other purchases. Strike a deal with a few local businesses and you could easily start a nice side business.


Newspaper delivery was once thought of as a kids way of making money. Today it is the adults who are driving routes making holiday cash. The hours are mainly very early morning and usually without a day off; although you are usually only driving for three to four hours depending on the route.

Personal Transport

If you are good with people this would be an excellent way to earn holiday cash while driving. You will need to be 'on call' or know the schedule of your clients. Most likely it will be older persons who need a ride to church, hairdressers or other appointments because family members have become too busy with holiday preparations. Sometimes you will be asked to fetch an item from a store such as prescriptions.

Grocery Shopper

If you know a market with good bargains, and can gain a few clients, this is a worthwhile way to earn holiday cash. Driving to the store and picking up a grocery list can be a valuable service to many families and shut-ins. Pick the days when you would do this, then check with your customers for what they need. Then simply go food shopping and deliver the ordered items to the customers. Be sure to add enough percentage to cover costs and allow for some profit; and be sure your customers are aware of this upfront.

Side Jobs

If you don't want to use your own vehicle it is still very easy to earn holiday cash for driving. Check with local businesses that deliver items to see if they would need extra help during the season. Florists and other such businesses always need more help during holidays. Another idea for people who like to travel would be a vehicle transporter.

There are many ways to earn cash for the holidays by driving, be it your own vehicle or another vehicle. Be looking for possible opportunities and have a clean driving record if you plan to do this type of work.