Education you need to start a career in the NFL

Believe it or not, there are opportunities to get degrees in professional sports. Several websites offer online NFL education degrees where you can attend classes via the internet while there are online campuses where you can enroll in specific degreed course curriculum. One site that I have researched is Sports Management World Wide. They are currently offering a course in Football GM and Scouting and the course is designed for the person who wants to pursue a career in professional football.

The eight week online course covers a variety of topics such as being a GM in pro football, football operations, team management, player personnel, and more. It’s a comprehensive course that is designed to propel the interested individual into a career in professional football. It also assists the student in participating in a course curriculum that they normally wouldn’t find on a college campus. The greatest benefit to the student here is that they can learn about the sports industry while they keep their current employment.

Another website worth checking out for NFL education degrees is Sports Links Central. This site has all sorts of referral links for all the major professional sports with a multitude of available subjects. The link for sports education takes you to a page that lists undergraduate and graduate programs, institutes, professional organizations, student organizations, and even sports data resources.

There is also a link for continuing and online education. When you click on this link it takes you to a page with four different topic headings:

  1. Executive Level Education
  2. Entry Level Education
  3. Online Sports Education
  4. Other Sports Continuing Education

There is tons of information and additional links under each one of these topics as well. Sports business, sports management, sports academies, sportscasting, and sports advancement are just a few of the links that you will find here. It would definitely be worth your while to investigate what all is here at these sites.

Most of the online information for NFL education degrees can be found at these two websites, but there are others that you can find just by doing a little searching. I noticed that the greatest concentrations of offline colleges that offer sports education curriculum are in the Northeast, East, and the South, however you would think that some of the larger universities in the West would offer some programs as well.

Another site that has a ton of printed information is The Free Library. This site has literature, articles, books, and other publications listed under Recreation and Fitness. It is purely a site to use as a tool for reference and nothing more, but there is a tremendous amount of information here. Also, you might want to visit CV Tips at for information when you’re searching for a job, but there is other valuable information there as well.