Effects of Technology: The Applications Jobs Gold Rush

Effects of Technology: The Applications Jobs Gold Rush

Technology is creating jobs that have never existed before, and the big boom is in applications design for cell phones, social web sites, and other electronic media. This is huge business, worth billions, and anyone who can write a line of code or put a game together is cashing in. It's a real jobs gold rush, and the gold is definitely there for those with the skills and ideas.

A classic example of commercial applications is the camera phone. The popularity of the cell phone generated a huge interest in more features, and the first to get wide acceptance was the phone camera. It's just a digital camera, built into a phone, but it's also still the hottest seller on the planet, on a daily basis, years after its introduction. It went from being a novelty to being a standard feature.

Then the big social networking sites got in on the act, touting for developers for applications. That's produced a massive increase in all forms of applications, from games like poker to fashion apps and other exotic flora and fauna of the net.

Creating applications is a potentially big money maker, and it comes with the potential for a great career if you can get it right. Even basic skills, combined with good marketable ideas and talent, can make a lot of hard cash. More importantly, you get credentials for your future work, which is invaluable.

Skills and training

The better your training, the easier it is to create applications.

You need:

  • Basic software and hardware knowledge.
  • Code writing skills, preferably enough to do your own work in house.
  • Marketing skills.
  • Basic understanding of how applications are bought and sold.

And that, believe it or not, is about all you do need. You don't really have to be a top of the range tech to do this. Some applications are basically no-brainers, and involve no more than hooking up existing software and services to things like phones. Some are remakes of non copyright games like poker. Others are original software applications, with real value to their buyers, and this is where the money is made.

The market is so big that Facebook has published a directory of its applications, so users can find the things they want. There's also a big comprehensive page about platform guidelines, so people can read the rules for applications.

The effects of emerging technology will take the applications gold rush far beyond this big new market's wildest fantasies. Because people can now get the latest applications in seconds, many applications literally go viral overnight. That means a big expanding market and more developers riding the storm of new products.

The defining feature of successful applications is really pure commercial content. The demand from electronic media is huge, and increasing as more of the mainstream media goes fully online. That means there will be jobs created in very large numbers for people working in this field. This is a profession of the 21st century and beyond, and it's just getting started.