Effects of Technology: The Ten Second Entrepreneur

Effects of Technology: The Ten Second Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person who is essentially a higher level salesperson. It's a job that involves the fundamental principles of business. Entrepreneurs sell products, services, and businesses, often simultaneously. These are the definitive businesspeople, the people whose business is their business.

The highest flyers in the business world are usually entrepreneurs in some form, although some don't like the label. An entrepreneur can be selling novelty clocks or setting up franchises. The whole entrepreneurial field is open ended, and entrepreneurs switch industries the way other people change shirts.

The business methods of an entrepreneur need to be understood. This is a basic entrepreneurial scenario:

  1. A new product comes on the market.
  2. The entrepreneur either buys the patent or acquires the rights to the product.
  3. The entrepreneur franchises or sells agency rights to others to sell the product.
  4. The entrepreneur may list the franchise on the stock market, or sell equity in a private company that owns the franchise.

This means the entrepreneur is profiting at all stages of the process. That can be a lot of money, at the franchise stage and beyond.

Technology and entrepreneurs

The rise of the Internet and instant global finance has probably produced more entrepreneurs than anything since the invention of money. The net was exactly what they needed, a medium that could reach every possible market and conduct business directly.

Interestingly, a lot of entrepreneurs are also originators of their products and services, not purely businesspeople. They've really benefited from the new technology and business culture. It's made selling their products on websites around the world profitable. In economic terms, it's also created market space and income for people who would otherwise have been marginalized in the commercial sphere.

The ten second entrepreneur

The effects of technology have huge benefits for entrepreneurs at all levels. Product sales aren't the whole story. Entrepreneurs are also promoters, as well as sales experts. The sheer reach of the Internet and new businesses has greatly expanded opportunities for entrepreneurs. They can now do in seconds what used to take months. Business and contracts can operate in a few clicks. They can also diversify across a range of business ventures, and operate them simultaneously. This is in some cases where the 'Internet millionaires' come from, but the main reason is doing much more efficient business.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Some people are born to do business, and these are the people who usually do best as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are really ideas people with great business talents. They understand their markets and their products. They're sales oriented, but they're also innovators in sales. Their product knowledge also includes excellent marketing skills.

Technology has opened the floodgates for entrepreneurs. The modern entrepreneur is naturally net-savvy, and knows how to hit their market with information and sales tactics effectively. Their business sense is excellent. Entrepreneurs are like radar networks when it comes to spotting business opportunities. Some of them are so good they become multi-millionaires in their 20s, then get serious about making money.

If that's you, you may have just found your dream job.