Elder Care Consultant Job Facts

The work of an elder care consultant, is also known as geriatric, senior and aged care. It is demanding and ongoing work. This is one of the toughest areas of health care, and carries major responsibilities. This is also an often deeply personal experience, dealing with the issues of and their families attempting to do the best for their loved ones.

The Work Environment

Elder care consultants work as advisers. They’re qualified professional assessors of health care needs for the elderly. Assessment of needs and options can be particularly complex, including major health conditions and the state of family budgets. The issues of elder care are good indicators of the normal role of elder care consultants:

  • Appropriate health care
  • Appropriate accommodation or living environment
  • Special needs and situations
  • Financial issues and financial management
  • Patient issues

Patient Issues

Each case is different, and each person’s situation is different. The elder care consultant attempts to provide the best, most comprehensive care regime possible. The consultant’s work is often particularly valuable, allowing proper, systematic planning for care in old age. The following are the most common issues that a care consultant must work out:

  • Levels of mobility
  • Cognitive mental states
  • Support services requirements
  • Scheduling regular attendance by health care professionals
  • Emotional issues for those in care
  • Adult day care
  • Alzheimer’s treatment
  • Placement issues
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Forms of therapy as required

Demand for Consultants

Elder care consultants are much in demand in the current era, because large numbers of people reach retirement age. Elder care consultants need both local knowledge and expertise in available services to cover their areas of responsibility. Their advice is often particularly helpful in clarifying issues for both elder people and their families, who may not be aware of available options, particularly in trying situations.

The difficulties of this work should not be understated. The issues facing elder people can be extremely complex and very difficult to manage. Even basic issues like daily activities can require some planning and care to ensure quality of life. Elder care consultants may also be able to provide valuable support in claims for assistance, as professionals able to act as advocates for people in need.

Wages and Hours

The wages of a care consultant can range between $35,000 to $70,000, depending on years of experience. Also, the nature of consultancy affects income levels. The hours that a consultant works are usually business hours, but may also involve home consultations. 

The Career Environment

Aged care is a very large industry, and career progression relates to both types of consultancy and the local market. Some aged care facilities are large corporate businesses, other are independent consultancies. The career path also requires strong levels of practical knowledge. At management levels, career progression requires appropriate qualifications and skills. Many health care professionals, like registered nurses, gravitate to this field with training in geriatric care, and develop their careers with additional qualifications in various areas of the aged care sector.