Electronics Jobs

The work entails researching and development, installation and maintenance of electronic parts, tools, equipment and components for business, manufacturing and military purposes. The engineers furthermore develop assessment and maintenance software for these areas.

Electronic engineering jobs can be found in:

  • In military institutions, for example the development, installation and maintenance of communication infrastructures and sophisticated weaponry.
  • Robotics fields, for instance, the development of robotic manufacturing equipment and the design of artificial intelligent systems.
  • Communication fields, for instance cell phones, radio, data, and wireless communications, auto banks and computer networks.
  • In aviation, for instance, the design and maintenance of navigational equipment.
  • The design and maintenance of medical equipment.
  • Scientific study fields, including acoustical and optical research.

Work Conditions
The work is office and lab based although some also work in manufacturing plants and on occasion may be required to work outdoors. Work hours depend on the projects and range from 35 to 50 hours a week.

A degree in electronics or electrical engineering is required while on the job training is also done. Post graduate studies in the field are recommended for promotion possibilities.