Employed as a Sailor

If you love to travel, love the water, and love boats a career as a sailor can be the perfect career for you. Having a career as a sailor can be a dangerous job. A career as a sailor requires great courage and no fear of the ocean and its storms. A career as a sailor requires a lot of dedication to the field and not someone that is there just for a paycheck.

There are a few different types of sailors that you can become. One of those types is a sailor that drives fishing ships, another one is a sailor that drives cruise ships. Also, sometimes there are opportunities for sailors to drives tour boats for tourists. If you want to have a career as a sailor and actually steer the boat the first thing you have to do is get your boating license. This allows you to legally drive a boat and has the same concept as a car on land.

A career as sailor is a dangerous job because often you can become caught in storms or even hurricanes. Once you are a more experienced sailor you will be able to deal with this storms more easily. Another concern to be taken into consideration when you are a sailor is the risk of being attacked by pirates. This happens more often in the south by the Caribbean's. This can happen whether you are sailing a fishing boat or a cruise ship.

Payment for a career as a sailor is decent. Also another benefit of a career as a sailor is always getting to travel and to most of the time be out in nice weather. The most important requirement to have as sailor is of course to know how to swim. You have to know how to swim to be able to survive if your boat sinks or flips over. These are two risk factors that sailors face every day. There is definitely a high sinking or flipping over risk if you are out in a tropical storm or hurricane.

If you drive a cruise ship there is less chance of being out in a storm like that because cruise ships cancel when these storms occur. If you sail on a fishing ship, there is a higher chance of being out in a storm because they still even work in the worst of storms. In order to be able to sail through storms such as hurricanes and tropical storms, you have to gain experience in knowing different ways to handle your boat and maneuvering skills. Sometimes it is better to get some sailing experience with small boats such as tour boats in the bay before becoming a commercial sailor for a major cruise line.

If you think that a career as a sailor is the perfect job for you then start by buying your own boat. Still to drive a small boat, you must have a license.