Employed as a Ski guide

Employed as ski guide
The best place to get employed as ski guide is on the ski mountain area. Talk to the ski guide at your nearest resort. Once you have established a good report with the tour operator, he or she will recommend you to the tour company manager or the ski resort manger. Enquire from the travel agencies when they expect large groups at the ski resort and offer your services. You can also visit ski job fairs and browse the Internet for advertisements. There are more than 120 tour guide companies on the Internet that specialize in ski tours where you can try to get employed as ski guide.

You can also get employed as ski guide on a part time basis while you work in restaurants, hotels or do ski instructor work. It is a winter job that leaves you more than enough time during the summer to work one of the above establishments.

Most ski guides have to complete the ski resort or travel agency training course, apart from being licensed as tour guide. These courses include training on safety regulations, knowledge of the ski resort and surroundings, historical backgrounds, group management skills, and proper presentation skills.

To get employed as ski guide, you need certification through the PSIA, CSIA or BSIA first. Attend the full course and then approach a wholesale agency to be employed as ski guide at a specific resort. European ski resorts don't focus on the skier's comfort as much as the US resorts where several ski guides are employed at one resort.

Working conditions
While most of your work is fun, you do sometimes have to take care of injured visitors and deal with disappointed children, establish peace between fighting partners, and arrange for alternative accommodation when bookings get mixed up.

You need to do reservations, arrange transport and keep the trip interesting. For this reason you should be an excellent planner, organizer, and communicator, and should be able to do crisis management at the same time.

A typical mountain trip entails keeping a group of ten to fifteen people safe, happy and in good spirit up and down the hill. You hear many complaints but must always smile and be friendly, even when you are tired.

Being employed as ski guide also involves physical work such as carrying luggage, opening doors, helping tired children around etc. For these reasons, you should be physically fit and love outdoor work. It is not all about skiing. You are expected to play golf, tennis, squash, climb mountains, go hiking, fishing and horse riding with the visitors. And if that is not enough, you must take them to nightclubs, restaurants, movies and historical sites. You should be an energetic, fun loving person who can handle enormous pressure and still be able to organize numerous activities to fit everyone's taste.

If you want to be employed as ski guide, you should learn at least one foreign language and brush up on all your sport skills. Employers want people that can work with old and young and love learning new skills. If you fit this profile, you should be able to make a good living from your tips, commission and basic salary.