Employment in Casino what kind of people

The minimum requirements for people who work in a casino, are clean criminal records and being 18 years of age. In some casinos the minimum age is 21 years.Students, professionals and people with a love of entertainment pursue jobs in casinos worldwide.

Background Checks
Due to the large amounts of money handled in casinos, they are very strict about employee records. The industry is well organized and aims to maintain a family entertainment image.

They have a zero tolerance policy with regard to drug use. If you have a criminal record, you should consider finding employment in another industry since they conduct thorough background checks.

Profile of people who work in a casino
Employees and patrons come from every walk of life and are not limited to certain areas. The average income level of patrons are around 000. More women than men frequent the casinos while employment of men and women are almost equal. There are however less women than men in management and supervisory positions. The expectation is that future players will be younger and have higher levels of education than current players.

Undergraduates and alumni
College students use the summer breaks to learn how to deal at one of the gaming schools over a period of three weeks. After their training they enter the casino world as dealers and earn a decent income during the holidays. They have a much better chance of finding work in one of the many casinos when they've built experience and a good work record. People who work in a Casino in Las Vegas sometimes use it as a break from cold places and to build up their cash funds.

Some of the casinos participate in annual job fairs where they recruit students and people who have never dealt cards. They don't care about degrees, but rather look for enthusiastic people that enjoy working with people, are friendly, and fast learners. The results of a study conducted in Las Vegas indicated that most of the employees were previously employed in the military, food industry, were housewives, or just finished college.

People who work in a casino need to be professional and trustworthy as they represent the casino where they are employed. They often only work to generate money to start a business though some make it a long-term career and reach management positions within a few years.